Testo della canzone Change (Shadez of Brooklyn), tratta dall'album Haze Presents....... New York Reality Check 101

Change - Shadez of Brooklyn

At the end of 1974, when daddy dukes went raw
The chosen sperm to explore and reach the egg for sure
A child through the birth canal on the nine mo' trial
Released on this wild earth, my generation hit worst
Will my development arrested by the government
Younga niggas strugglin', livin' life got me wonderin'
New shit I'm discoverin', yo son I can't sleep
Situation so deep, my niggas drownin' in the streets
Another rapist'll stalk, a younger murder is walked
They got shit locked in a fort, a buck fif' if you're tossed
Verbalizin' hard times, findin' ways to recline
Dedicated to the rhyme brought your shades and your wine
I survived hard times prime time, as I rewind
My thoughts and remmeniss, sippin' O.E. quarts
Rest in peace to my peeps who died up in the streets
Fuck Halloween treats cause ain't shit sweet

Change, my life has changed
Change, (change) and I will never be the same
Change, my life has changed
Change, (change) and I will never be the same

Growin' up on the Brooklyn streets
It was hard for Black T to make these motherfuckin ends meet
The first store that closed up got stuck
And if you didn't gimme your cash
I'd put one in somebody's gut
I ran buckwild through these streets with this group of individuals
Commiting crimes well performed like a ritual
Until one day my momz tried to send me up-state to job core
I didn't know what the fuck for
So I, pulled out my pals
And called up the nigga Al
What's the deal son it's been a fuckin' long while
He said yo Black T, I had this dream about this cream
I'm going all out for mines by any fuckin' means
We grabbed our pen and pads
And wrote about this world gone mad
And how times was getting real bad
But what we need to do
Is connect with them other two
And make that dream you had come true

I'm out the front door
Don't wanna deal with this bullshit no more
What for? I'm ready to throw this heart on the floor
Back in the days, yo, Ty had it all
Women on call, sex and all
Summer, winter, spring, and the fall
Then my momz broke out to get away from men why no doubt
Then I settled down and made one girl a spouce
Should of known, couldn't replace momz
My heart rang the alarm, situation was da bomb
I roamed the streets, started smokin weed
Drinkin Heinie's tappin' hinies
Writin' words to rich beats
Became an everyday stuggler
Stereotyped a hustler
Constant bother
Resided with my father frequently talked with my mother
Reactions crazy, revenge thoughts, maybe
Asking what am I doin here
Someone come save me
Cause I feel I got no purpose
*? Dabilatino?* surface
There's different type moves
With an attitude that's nervous
And nothing can help me maintain my mind frame
Now I'm doing shit I never did before

Change, my life has changed
Change, (change) and I will never be the same
Change, the world has changed
Change, (change) and it will never be the same

Brought up on green and patch
You'll never have no ash
And everyday I find myself in the same old fashion
Saddened, my same fuckin' Pumas and Lees
Tore up at the knees
That would always squeeze
My buns, I have no funds
I'm young and dumb
Left school at three o' clock
To face an eviction
In tears as it appears my crib for years
Has just been rented to the landlord kids
No rhythm, cause my rep grows rather rash
Surpassed thrid class quick to stash, when the photo flash
In contrast, I was labled as an outcast
Afraid to tell the cast
Cause chicks can tell me kiss they ass
Low self esteem but mom dukes kept me clean
Swayed from Spalding, Paydays and madman drinks
Shantlell my princess, she will live to be a queen
And as the moonbeam
Me and my team we'll be countin cream

Change, my life has changed
Change, (change) and I will never be the same
Change, the world has changed
Change, (change) and it will never be the same
Change, you should make a change
Change, (change) and you must never be the same
Change, Evil Dee has changed
Change, (change) and he will never be the same
Change, Beatminerz change
Change, (change) and it will never be the same
Change, yes the world has changed
Change, (change) and it will never be the same

Writer(s): Ahmad Jamal, Walter V. Jr. Dewgarde, Christopher Ponds, Alexander Tejeda, Terrance Kimble, Tyree Jr Shaw
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