Testo della canzone Phenomenon (ScHoolboy Q feat. Alori Joh), tratta dall'album Setbacks

Phenomenon - ScHoolboy Q feat. Alori Joh

I feel like a phenomenon
Like I'm who these people idolize
And I won't let nothing get in my way
It ain't a thing, we do this all the time

Got another one, twist another one, off that indo
That's my medicine, need a bigger lung
Fame going to my head, call it wisdom
Now I need racks, yeah, Wimbledon
This chewing gum, always hold ya tongue
Never spit it out, we finna miss like cobras huh
We soldiers huh, you noticed them
As the tales money flip, until the quota's done
Yeah, until my single come, be the Devil's son
Devil's work, getting work, Hallelujah
Hope the Lord alerts, do a soul search
Understand my heart's good, but my daughter's first
Black episode, my down time, needed church
Precious life what my style is worth
Won't gain, let my shit assert
Move on!

We do this all the time
We do this all the time
We do this all the time
All the time

And I'm still up, never gave a damn, never gave a fuck
All my real niggas, we gon' stay in touch
Even out of range, nigga do your thang
You know where I'm at, just holla back
Where that cash at? Nigga flashback
Nigga sixteen? A dope sack
A sixteen? Stretch that
Double that, yeah, flip that
Big steps, work hard
Big yards, slanging footballs
Have 'em running back, receivers serving corners
It's taken by the pushers, burners eyes and lookers
Yeah, yeah, yeah, now see we gotta make it
We ain't trying to brick, unless we cop a brick
Accompanied by the razors, you know the shit
I make it easy, ain't this bout a bitch?
Move on!

We do this all the time
We do this all the time
We do this all the time
All the time

Said I can't lose, nigga gotta win
Future looking bright, Thomas Edison
Here we go again
Music always kept me calm, nigga ritalin
Always got it done, you a middleman
Contraband, yo we get it in
You are inelegant, my niggas looking militant
Dope boys, what you know about it?
You should slow about it
A nigga sky high, boy, fuck a pilot
Microwave it fast boy, fuck a pilot
Yeah, hold it silence, keep your mouth closed
The game is to be sold not to be told, you like a ho
Matter like a auction, gave it to the best bidder
Lucky I didn't rob you, why your ass bitter?
I'm that nigga, better ask nigga
You was a phase, I outlast niggas
Move on!

We do this all the time
We do this all the time
We do this all the time
All the time

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