Testo della canzone Cycle (ScHoolboy Q), tratta dall'album Setbacks

Cycle - ScHoolboy Q

Only 12 and a half and already ducking them jabs
Fight back, just hoping that he last
He on his ass
Huffing and puffing
Getting tagged
See what this nigga feel
Would only make them niggas laugh
He felt the discomfort
And trust him right away
Saw the devil in they eyes
His homie looking straight
But something was different in him
Not the same from yesterday
Shit his whole demeanor changed
Even his smile was strange
His childhood never came
But dude was always gutter
He got it from his brother
From his brother from his brother
Brought pain onto his mother
Once was elementary homies
But now we attack each other
Threw on his hood and then he fired
Spirit of up out of reach
The young niggas swallowing yeast
Trapped in the belly of the beast
I know niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas, the cycle continues
The cycle continues
His homies was his motive
His momma never noticed
Too busy paying bills
Trying to provide a meal
And steal
Her child live for a thrill
Fulfill his niggas wishes
No more hugs and kisses
No more 'how you been'
He with them other men
So his cousin and him pretend
Imitating if they was him
Got the pistol on him
Loaded unloaded off and jam
Feels like niggas on him
Heck-Blam-Blam to him
Kill or be killed
Let alone all them thugs
Let alone all them drugs
Treat is kinda like a bud
Lets see how karma does
Lets see how much he loves
Shoot-him-up shoot-him-up
I know niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas, the cycle continues
He feel like he the man
His mom said be a man
Love to sag his pants
Him slipping out his chance
Think he at his best he hit the set he making orders
Got them little niggas busting shots and flipping quarters
An ounce a half double up
Even dimes, think with a corrupted mind
Adapted to them crime
Living with regrets in order to survive
Gotta get high clashes with time
Paranoia hard through his body
Trying love for a hobby
You know gangsters come with kids
Teaching them wasn't his
He __ the corner store to go fill up the fridge
Approached by a little nigga
Hoddie over his still
Looking down the barrel
Woke a burner tucked
Aimed at his whig
Let him fire
Then he fire, fire
I know niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas that kill niggas
That kill niggas, the cycle continues
The cycle continues

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