Drop that bitch x18

In that muthafucka hanging
And she forever be singing
With that thing in the back
Make it backtrack, look up
It's somewhat banging
When I pull up and bang that track
In the four
And it ain't no stopping the show
L.A metropolis so
There just ain't no stoppin' when I hit that
Bomb head in my car
Got that bomb weed in my drawer
Got them bomb seeds in my garden
Valley Girl, Dolly Parton
If that shit don't be poppin'
Got them dope fiends in Compton
Got my niggas rose and my bitches tho
These mothafuckas keep poppin' molly
Broccoli in my pocket's pocket
Oxys and my pocket's growling?
Smoking heavy in my Impala chevy parking and
It's that gangsta instrumental
Original indo
For the hoes in sexy clothes
A nigga never touched the bank roll
Lemme get that

Ugly nigga with a gang of bitches
Hoover street nifty-fifty business
In my bitch whip with my L suspended
Big Pimpin' misleading women
Extra innings being good at pitching
Blue khakis I'm no doubt
Got naked hoes in a dope house
Put them hoes on a DVD
Show them hoes what this 'pimp bout
I'm pill poppin'
Feds is watchin'
I hopped the fence I don't need Cochran
The DUI but my gun loaded
If my men made it then my men sold it
If the sun shine and that bitch?
Come holla at your young scholar
I'm top dog I'm Rottweiler
I gangbang and I spit lava
I drink brews and I make moves
I went so hard for these new shoes
I go so deep in her vocals
I lay it down on this Pro Tool
I'm a real nigga, you so full
World tours, and you local
All you say this shit on the menu
Give me large fries and I'll be cool
Put your hands down by your ankles
Make it clap for me for this bank roll
I'll gladly poke on that pink hole
Front to leaves I'm straight backwoods
Hit my weed and I own you baby
Might buy you something, that head good
Now let me pinch on that donkey lady

Kurt Angle where I play the rings
Chains on, the fames on
But I'm still good with that bada bing boy (what)
My foreign chicks love coming to America (what)
They go back like I never thought a problem with having me coming from America (what)
Blast off I smash off like vroom vroom
With a bitch as easy as blues clues
Dirty flow need two rooms
Diamond Lane everything
We hitting everything
Like a we were juicing minute maid
Knock it out the park another homerun
Need I run home
Cali mind, play with mine nigga run home
Why you on the phone line while these niggas jump you
(What you?) fuck you
No it isn't ever like that
But you saying that so you kinda make a nigga want to
Me off the wee-little
Bitch, I'mma bump
Then I'll fuck
Then I'll pump
I'm? off to the next
Compton the home of the chrome to your neck
Fuck all that, Fuck all that
Niggas tryna turn up one more time
Niggas thought I was done with the rapping
Fuck that I need one more line
Nick where you at? roll some more 5's
Shit to fly won't pass that up
Diamond lane gang
Diamond lane gang
Problem, Casha, and Bad Lucc

Hold up bruh don't forget the lucky
4 finger ring cause the squad is Square can't touch me
Homicide on the track made Town aboriginal
Rap [?] like a field goal
I'mma show you where a mill go
Knocked out I still go
Hand me that jack uhh
Hit him with the right-left uhh
I'll plate none
U get the plat plat on
Send a motor's ass like uh
Where you niggas from
With my crazy lady
Your baby momma look like she made to pay me
Shady baby
Spend a bank roll on the aces baby
You ain't getting money
Hey you crazy, lady
Bad luck with it i go
Fat nigga lookin like a billion i know
Rap nigga wanna bust head on the low
You rather take a train into a shower of snow
Fucking with your broad metals spitting about an o
I dont wanna keep it you can get it from the show
Feeling i have it good, i'm just doing what i know
Gotta king open up your head full of dough
I do what I want, nigga fuck the next line

Writer(s): Ricardo Brown, Jason Martin, Quincey Hanley, Paul Salva
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