Testo della canzone You Make Me Sick (Saigon), tratta dall'album Carmelo Anthony: Become Legendary

You Make Me Sick - Saigon

Check it, I'm here to regulate!
Set the record straight, like a bomb ready to detonate!
I separate the heavy from...
Making an ignorant mind climb to a clever state.
There's no time to [?]. I'm trying to add a weight,
Cause when God comes to get you, He gets you home,
And He's never late!
I'm afflicted, I... with the crime addicted,
Convicted for trying to...
Nowadays freedom is non-existing.
You're been lying... too much,
Your story is salty,.
You can't name one Nigger...
Yet, you rap about carrying,
What a fuck ass you are, punk?

You make me sick!
Rapping like you're dogging,
You're barking,
You make me sick!
Acting like you've been here in...
Always kicking some trauma shit...
You make me sick!
Please violate my...
Give me some reasons so I could...
You make me sick!
You're thinking you're the person who's singing
That you originally wrote this shit.
You make me sick!
This up!
This up!
This up!
We ain't thirsty enough to drink from a pimp club!

Got me killing me with your gun busting ability,
Ain't no hand guns that have been in this fucking facilities.
That's why you were going...

The tried to lock a Nigger for life,
They gave,. two years, and he only got knocked with a knife.
To keep it real mother fucker, you ain't shooting that gun!
You're punk ass is probably even scared to shoot a...
I've got some stories for your ass, but I don't care to share them,
I just wish I had a couple more years to hear God!
He died young, he was living this shit that you spit.


Do you think they're going to understand you, man?
I don't know man!
Maybe I should sing this shit!
What's the matter?
We are getting back to rapping.
Get back to all this hip-hop is all about, man!
Raising the kids, man!
Each one, teach one, right?
One hand washes the other one,
Both hands wash the face!
I'm back!
Be afraid!
Be very, very, very afraid!

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