Testo della canzone So Cruel (Saigon & Statik Selektah), tratta dall'album All in a Day's Work

So Cruel - Saigon & Statik Selektah

I'm the same kid that tried to murder your brother
Now I'm on the motherfucking murderdog cover
Act like a non believer go head
Act like you ain't read about a nigga in the don diva
It wasn't for my rhymes neither
It was about how I cock the gat shot a cat back in nine fever
Why the source gave me rhyme of the month
When I should have got the rhyme of modern day time
Fuck these niggas
I could be richer than Phil Drummond and still bumming
And I know the difference between a bitch and a real woman
Niggas stay up 25 hours a night
Any coward could write
They bark but they bite don't devour the mic
I am the wildest in sight
Been in the pen so I can tell you how it was like
I done seen bloods faces pouring it out
Six in the morning CO's yelling all in account
Now fuck that this not what the song is about
This is about you weak rap niggas thats out
And ya'll bitches in the crowd that wouldn't give us no rivul
When my shit pop I ain't gon give you no jizzle
Nothing but fuck yous and bad criticism
Obama is the pres but I voted for "?"
I'm the meaning of lyricism
If its somebody that feel different
Give him my digits
Tell him to hit'em
He can call me on the late night or early in the morn
And thats my word born we gon get it on
And I don't care if we don't get along
Cause ya'll niggas is cum
Ya'll niggas just ain't that strong

I'm showing off with static it ain't only just now
I don't smoke cigs but i'll give you a bust down
Creep by wherever you hang and bust rounds
You gone hear the sound of the pound now
Thou shall not fuck with nor say B.I.G. rhyme
If you ain't one of the sean's the shits corn
Moving right along my name Saigon
The future of rap faggot the next icon
If I could just keep that gun in the house
Or for five fucking minutes stop running my mouth
Shit i'll be alright niggas ain't tight
They don't write the kind of rhymes that I write
Right right I'm lyrically five mic material
Nigga you love the rizzle
And I like to give it to you
So lets make things nice and clear
I'm shitting on the whole game twice a year
And they scared bitch

Writer(s): Baril Patrick Owen, Carenard Brian
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