Testo della canzone NY Streetz (Saigon), tratta dall'album Warning Shots

NY Streetz - Saigon

Na Na Not Not Nah {*3X*}
It's Street Life {*3X*}

S to the A, man
Lets get into this shit nigga!

I don't drive a g5 truck but I'm live as a fuck
Had to go to prison for years for me to wisen up
Used to run around and formaldehyde it up
And if we ever bumped heads you pretty much knew you was out of luck
Remember I shot crack-head Reg(gie) in the leg for running off with a mac
Even after he gave it back
Nigga this is deeper than rap
Though a lot of niggas say that

Everything that I speak is a fact
Shit, then I shot crackhead Debbie
Talk about domestic abuse this bitch got hit with the desi
Now after Debbie and Reggie I'm ready
For any and everybody that want to test me
Bless me, you're a thug
Kid I shot in the Camelot, your shit was sweet
(?) Until his mans got hit with the heat
Why ain't I just give you shit to critique
Everything you hear me spit to the beat
Shit I did in the street

[Hook: repeat 2X]
You don't want drama
You don't want no beef
You don't want to lose those teeth
(It's street life)
Sucker you could die, quicker than you could live
When you fuckin with the NY Streetz
(Real Street Life)

Sugar Pie Hunny Bear
We gotta get money here
Whether I got to write these raps or stash cracks in my underwear
Whatever yo I don't care
I swear I'll let the lead smoke
Before I'm dead broke
I ain't a Crip, man I'll hit you when your head low
I ain't a blood dog I'll leave your ass red soaked
With life line fluid get right around to it
Tell ya (?) how I killed this nigga, true story
First week it's gonna sell more than you N.O.R.E.
And more than you too, Nas
Cause I had a real body in the trunk, not one but two guys
And I'm gonna get more publicity than 50
And be on UPN more nights a week than Sticky
And I aint gonna be on them so-called platinum
I'ma be on the news niggas stuntin I clapped them

[Hook: repeat 2X]
You don't want drama
You don't want no beef
You don't want to lose those teeth
(It's street life)
Sucker you could die, quicker than you could live
When you fuckin with the NY Streetz
(Real Street Life)

I know they love the kid
More than that other kid
Don't try to act like
You ain't discovered it
Don't make a joke alright
You'll be the butt of it
I act nice
But you know I'm on some gutter shit
I'm thuggin it
My pops wasn't shit
Lord of Rhyme was raised by the government
My God was the judge and shit
Sent me to some juvenile jail with some other young thugs in it.
To me it was like a covenant
They had animal lessons
It was the shit, I was loving it.
I came home with another chip
On my shoulder that was bigger than that other shit
Got heavenly on the drug tip, huggin the script
Only time I used bags was to put slugs in the clip
If you fuck around with Saigon I'm bustin your shit
Fuck with Saigon I'm, bustin, your, shit


Writer(s): Saigon, Marc Shemer
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