Testo della canzone Blown Away, Part 2 (Saigon feat. stic.man of dead prez), tratta dall'album The Greatest Story Never Told, Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses

Blown Away, Part 2 - Saigon feat. stic.man of dead prez

I pour some water on the ground for the soldiers is fallin
Those who paid the ultimate price with their answer they callin
To all of the bottles that we loss it the people and coming
You got blown away but you didn't go in vain
Two examples of change, on the front line of the battle,
Brothers like bunch a quarter.and roll it matter
Was it a hit in agenda, wasn't .
He got blowin away still unknown the way
John Lenin and Gandy both a proposal of peace
Spiritual proposes they talk, millions of people they reach
Still the devil is the most plot in the dark in the light
Both got blowin away so bury in my glock is my right
Is there a message encoded and keepin the vibal display
Rending the people of fray, keeping the movement that bay
Calling that pro is alive still to discur is the rise,
Need as get blowin away the media covers our eyes,
Money they.we're hoping for tomorrow
Whether is vertical, or the violence is hold to.
.To many cousins that wasn't the bullets that took you
Or was it the situation society put you
Though I rad it for peace, til I carry my peace
I keep it free the pre, I keep it all decrease,
They say it's real in the speech but just watch what you say
Before your face on the shirt like he got blowin away

I knew what rapper they just round it of the dope in this ground
But heard the dead prayers reg it the hope in his mind
You know what happen the second he first plat,
He got blown away.
This other kid it never listen to the ash of the day
So yesterday I gave em a couple reckless to play
He heard clappin in the shit that I did betray
He got blown away.

I pour some henny on the floor for every young boy
Murder in Baltimore watch the little rock august
Philadelphia they see the shut town
And every other ghetto with niggas get shot down
The drama is pitiful, little niggas is.
We ignore the fact that all the crime is political
Were some of this blowin away, some of this going away
Prison population and flatin the shit grown every day
Is usually us, 'cause occupying the rickeous bus
Is more than the slightest just
And shit is a Christ is cut
Three hundred fifty million guns in United States,
That corner my music conscious I'm calling that white away
The ghettos that I escape a lot of others come
Is hard when your pops are crack it, then your mother.
And you discover the slums not the place that you stay
The only way to leave it is for you to get blown away.

Writer(s): Gavin Clayton Angelo, Carenard Brian, Corbett Dustin James
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