Testo della canzone Diamonds (Aren't Forever) (S.A.S), tratta dall'album Powerful Music

Diamonds (Aren't Forever) - S.A.S

(Diamonds are forever)
Throw ya hands in the sky if ya feel my vibe like
(Diamonds are forever)
The Roc is still alive but we never was signed
But May' and Mega was never-ever, ever-ever ever-ever ever-ever
Ever-ever ever-ever ever-ever
Close your eyes and imagine
'Magine me and Mega in Staten
Duckin' shots from Magnums just cuz of our accents
Then I realized we had a god-given talent
Though we sellin' crack brother, it was hard living balanced
And you pitch white, London is not Harlem
Your block starving, both places we got started
The Coogi wear and move three pairs
So call our neighbors like who's gonna care
Huh, furthermore, who's gonna hear ya
Will murk them boys, get moved in ya area
Do you believe him, sayin' we ain't U.K. Rap
When we the reason that half of the U.K. rap
Stop it, you know what you writin' is ours
I ain't chocolate, so why you haters bitin' my bars
(And I'm like) more than what you call a group
It's S.A.S., Streets All Salute
Get the album
When I shot CDs Blood, they said I'd return
But you will not see me until they said I returned
I tell 'em to learn, it's funny, what's the point of your album
If you ain't makin' no money or points off ya album
Changed the game, all my niggaz determine
What we spittin' is burnin', doc is sittin' its urban
Ah, what us niggaz raw, too much for a British tour
Your cracks'l keep your plaques on your little walls
You dudes hate, why ya envy me
Cuz I move base like I'm MTV
I ain't tryna be on top of the box
But I guess when I'm cockin' my Glock the top'll get popped
Kanye tried to talk some sense in him
Couple months later, seems there's no convincing him
And I'm like oh Jesus, foes they won't leave us
They keep takin' shots at ya boy like goal keepers
Mega & (Mayhem):
We gettin' figures and made, and you can't change that
(Kidders said we can stay but still we came back)
Now we over here, they don't care where Dame at
(The seal source gonna be like where's ya chain at)
Yeah he did that, he tried to deciet you
(He ain't spit the facts, he lied to the people)
We just spit the crack and grind like badeko
(Now we Diplomats and fly like a eagle)
The game doesn't change when we came for some change
We rearranged the game but it stayed the same
(Now all I need for you is to have faith in Dame
But it was all an illusion like David Blaine)
When we name the city, you should call it Blitz Town
(We keep 'em climaxin' and tryna spit now)
This whole Roc-A-Fella thing Blood, is not my chance
They wanna block are advance
(They wanna stop we can't because)

Writer(s): Collins William Earl, Freeman Bernard James, Butler Chad L, Williams Leroy, Clinton George S, Cooper Gary Lee, Thomas Stayve, Shider Garry Marshall
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