Testo della canzone Wednesdays (Ryan Adams), tratta dall'album Wednesdays

Wednesdays - Ryan Adams

This church is a mess, jackets and crutches
Clutch pearls and buckets of ice
Dyed cotton candy, blonde lady does the honours
Introducing all the family who fights

And the sunlight of late afternoon
Leans across the altar 'til it slaps the groom
The flowers we gathered in ribbons of blue
Clutched tight to her chest in her room
And the band played "Christ Is Risen Today"
While everybody waits

'Cause nobody knows who they really are
To the stranded in Coronado trashed at the bar
'Til the wind carries all of the things you love most
Long loose strings tangled in the trees
Woman, your silence brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be

Your hair smells of lilac, roses and cinnamon
And waves moving slow across the rocks
Humid and heavy, clouds of salt water
Rusted the hands off the clocks

And I smoke cigarettes in the heat
Watching Flamingos from the hotel balcony
My head was on fire and the bartenders knew
Written on the wall, in cursive, "We're through"
And the band played "The Safety Dance"
As I cried in the taxi alone

'Cause nobody knows that they are the fool
Stranded in Coronado, drunk at the pool
'Til the drinks carries off the burden at cost
To let go of things you already lost
Woman, your silence brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be
Woman, your silence brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be

The highway was empty, we speeded on safely
Tears falling onto your dress
The ring on your finger disappeared slowly
You let go already's my guess

And you cried as we made our way home
Said you didn't wanna leave
But I could tell by the things that your ma and your pa didn't do
Like look me in the eye as we said goodbye
And the band says Wednesday's my right hand
As I pray for you at night

'Cause nobody knows what they really want
Til' the car's full of boxes and you watch it drive off
The cocaine and pills and the drinks, they wear off
And the cigarettes, they just make you cough
Oh, woman, your love brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be

The house is so quiet
I hear the leaves fall from the lemon trees where
There's now too much room in this house made for two
Your side of the closet's so bare

I still hear the sound of your voice
Calling my name like some midnight train
Rumbling heart full of ghosts
Of everyone that I loved, I miss you the most
And the plans that we made they fade like the sun on the coast

'Cause nobody knows what they really need
Til' it's too late with no reason to wait
You wake up insane, screaming her name
But there's no one to blame now but me
Oh, woman, your silence brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be
Oh, woman, your silence brought me to my knees
Where I needed to be

Writer(s): Ryan Adams
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