Testo della canzone No Come Down (Run The Jewels), tratta dall'album Run the Jewels

No Come Down - Run The Jewels

You know I get loose, I'm a screw turned pro status
Never did shit but inflict this damage
Never met a word that I wouldn't like a weapon just brandish
Walk away clown boy, vanish
Feelin' outlandish, chemicals soaked in my cabbage
Face numb, face off rap shit, straight no chasing that dragon
Cess to the breast plate, raised where the stakes break badness
Get a tracheotomy tap for talkback shit
Slow clap, do the running man, back flip
Light a flare in the road, I'm an accident
Limping into the light I'm off axis
We got 808s to make cats piss, right on the rug where the cat sits
By the time this recording gets heard I'll be gone
With the dough from the jar plus mattress
Left a note on the fridge with a frowny face drawn
With a rope from its neck to the rafters
Not the most subtle way to explain
I'm a threat to the brain like a wool in the glass hit

I get so high, I close my eyes
Like I may die, and I won't come down

You know I get gone I'm a goner
In the VIP of the club where they strip with a zip and a boner
Girl named Mary looking like a black Madonna
Tell me I can rent her but I can never own her
She's naked as the day that her momma first born her
And later on in the song, yeah, I'mma bone her
But that ain't the purp, bro, please follow along, bro
God made a miracle it rained in the room
Blowing marijuana smoke in a smoke filled room
She leaned in my ear said "You ever did shrooms?"
I said "I never did that and I never did you.
If it come in a pack baby I'mma do two."
Last act of the pact Mary Mack do it too
"If you agree to the terms we can do what it do"
She said "It is what it is." and we did what we did
Right before we popped 3 caps and 3 stems
She popped that molly, rocked my body, I fly high and my co-pilot
Psilocybin, got me slidin, slipping into another dimension
Me and this woman made love in Kemet
Traveled to the moon came back when we were finished
Fell to the earth, lost each other, died and we came back sister and brother
In that lifetime we couldn't have each other
So we killed ourselves and it killed our mother
True romance, in one lap dance
I was in my future, my present and past

I get so high, I close my eyes
Like I may die, and I won't come down

Writer(s): Meline Jaime, Render Michael Santigo
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