Testo della canzone Thursday in the Danger Room (Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi Washington), tratta dall'album Run the Jewels 3

Thursday in the Danger Room - Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi Washington

Right for right, wrong for wrong
This is clearly not life's design
Figure out quickly that nothing gets answered
When you ask the universe why
Life is a journey, but living's the worry
To love is to lose your damn mind
But living's a blessing so I am not stressing
'Cause some of my friends ain't survived
That's the release, but in much bigger pieces, I'm living on limited time
Like how do you look in the eyes of a friend and not cry when you know that they're dying?
How do you feel 'bout yourself when you know that sometimes you had wished they were gone?
Not because you didn't love 'em but just because you felt too weak to be strong
You couldn't bear to see someone who prided themselves on the strength to feel weak
You prove to your randomness, hold it for ransom, that life will not fade in your dreams
You see that they're fighting and know that they're losing but still you make jokes and you laugh
'Cause you know despite all the sadness that you better get the good times while they last
Now every new word that they speak you were already feeling like it's in the bag
And when they all gone you just try to move on 'cause the memory's hurting too bad
Grown up so much and I wonder who you'd've become if you stuck for a while
Just know that I love you, good friend, ain't forget you, and when I remember I smile

And I guess I'd say I'll see you soon
But the truth is that I see you now
Still talk to you like you're around
And I guess I say you left too soon
But the truth is that you never left
'Cause I never let myself forget

An eye for an eye, the tooth for the tooth
Will leave us all mumbling and blind
So we stumble blind through depths of the dark
Looking for something divine
Life is a journey, to live is to suffer
And I have been suffering through mine
But living's a blessing so I ain't no stressing
'Cause some of my niggas ain't 'round
He got no drama but his baby mama is still on my line and she crying
I searched for the words to give her some comfort for her soul and spirit and mind
I tell her that it'll be fine
But deep down I know that I'm lying
The family came took rings and his chains
The bank took the house and the rights
The only thing left was his child, and she had a smile in his eyes
So much to the soul, when the grandmama kept her, she'd look at her sometimes and cry
The very next day she cried
And day after day she cried
Then called baby mama and told her "I'm sorry, can't keep her no more, I have tried"
No killer was captured, but I know he listening
So I'd like to tell you in song
The streets was a jungle, I pray that you made it, I hope that you righted your wrongs
I hope that you learn, I hope that you changed so your mama won't know this pain
So my homie's name will mean something more than a nigga got killed for a chain

And I guess I'd say I'll see you soon
But the truth is that I see you now
Still talk to you like you're around
And I guess I say you left too soon
But the truth is that you never left
'Cause I never let myself forget

Writer(s): Jaime Meline, Michael Santigo Render, Torbitt Castleman Schwartz, Wilder Schwartz, Kamasi Tii Washington
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