Testo della canzone Snug Again [Little Shalimar Remix] (Run the Jewels feat. Gangsta Boo), tratta dall'album Snug Again [Little Shalimar Remix]

Snug Again [Little Shalimar Remix] - Run the Jewels feat. Gangsta Boo

Reminicin' on our time of innocence
When we drank that Hennessy, ate on lamb and vension
Face fucked you in your kitchenette, fucked you like we tusslin'
Do you fuck your husb-al-and? Like, do y'all be tusslin'?
Do you wear the muzzlin'? Do you ask him pretty please?
Do you crawl on hands and knees, like you used to do for me
Oh, you such a dirty girl, the world won't let you be yourself
I won't accept nothing else, I be having none of that
You be takin' all of this, pleasure come from punishment
Your threshold astonishin'
I think I'm in love again, found my perfect drug again, feel better than heroin
You love my alpha arrogance, 2 Live Crew the narrative (narrative)

I put that dick in her mouth all day
She got that, dick in her mouth all day
She take that, dick in her mouth all day
She said she wanted my, wanted my
Dick in her mouth all day, day
I give her that (dick in her mouth all day)
She play with that (dick in her mouth all day)
I think I'm in love again (love again)

Here I am my love
Just like when we first hooked up
Feeling like I'm animal
Feeling like your edible, bendable
I been away, I dont have too much to say
You say, "Say it anyway"
I say, "Take your shit off I'm not playing bae"
You little freak
What you are is so unique
Smart and full of filth and joy, you been with some little boys
Now you're with a grown up man, one who actually understands, kid gloves are not on my hands
I will never condescend
Now spread yourself
Smile a bit, gripped the outline of my shit
Oh, my god, I love this chick, I must put my tounge in this
Into every space I go, give me everthing you am
She said, " No, you gimmie first"
That was like a day ago, 8am
Still got my

That's what you want huh?
Well let me tell you a little story
I had a young player from the hood, lick my pussy real good, kept me stuck with lots of wood
Kept my bank account on swoll, sniffed my pussy like a rose, smokin'on dro
Made a porn tape, that nigga is a pro, you ain't know?
He had a lot of bad bitches in his past
But I was the one who turned that boy into a motherfuckin' man
His tounge is bomb
And he love for me to ride face
Front to back, grippin' ass
Pay my bills, where I live, fuck me good
Broke ass niggas be killing me
I'm about my money, hoe
Never been a square bitch
He ain't payin? Hit the fuckin' door
Talking slick, that Memphis shit
I be on that Haven click
Keep it ratchet, so sweet, all these boys kiss my feet
I be on that queen shit, you better bless my realness
Stick your tongue up in my ass
You better show me who you fuckin' with
Run the Jewels
Love again, you gon' lose, I'm gon' win
Let's have an orgy, I'mma share your ass with all my friends
(Yeah, hoe!)

He want this clit in his mouth all day
He want this clit in his mouth all day (Yeah, hoe!)
I put this clit in his mouth all day
I've got this fool in love again (Yeah, hoe!)
I put my clit in his mouth all day
I put my clit in his mouth all day (Yeah, hoe!)
He want this clit in his mouth all day
I've got this fool in love again (Love again)

Writer(s): Jaime Meline, Michael Santigo Render, Lola Chan
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