Testo della canzone Bars (Redman), tratta dall'album Mudface

Bars - Redman

(All you emcees must get dissed
Cause only real niggas gonna bump my shit)
I don't give a fuck nigga, you already know what it is
(All you emcees must get dissed
Cause only real...)
Check it out, yo

Like OJ let me take a stab at it
Inhale like asthmatics
The chiropractor Redman, I'm back at it
My sawed off by the bed, it's a craft-matic
The size of a Subway sandwich, ask Jared
Big foot givin' input
Every rhyme like Lisa Ray homie, fuck with it it's a good luck
I'm a lieutenant, the new school respect Red Menance
My society raised a winner
I set any bitch straight to restore order
Lift my pimp hand up like "Why I oughta"
I don't tolerate the nonsense
I tell my bitch be easy like you straight outta Compton
South by Southwest out in Austin
Def Jam raised their eyebrow, we independent now
You should've took care of the cash cow
Moooove out my way bitch, Captain Courageous
Fuck you and your iPod if I ain't in your playlist
Bravehearted, I'm Nas in '94
You could say I'm your favorite rapper's favorite
I'm like Penny on the floor wasted
Pump your brakes, divorce me if you can't relate
I get brain when I text, I'm typin' LOL
Chick on her knees like SMH
Get it? Too slow, listen faster cause my time's a factor
You freestylin' dnd I ain't asked ya
Weak link niggas, Red'll think bigger
This flow hit your chick, she cry me a river
And you Simba lyin' like you carrying around the iron
Like I'm a supervisor and I'm firin'

(All you emcees must get dissed
Cause only real niggas gonna bump my shit)
Bars, okay nigga
Bars, I got 'em homie
Bars, all day nigga
Bars, you can count on me
I'm like a cat for my life, I got nine of me
You think this song done, I got another round on me
Bars, okay nigga
Bars, I got 'em homie
Bars, all day nigga
Bars, wait a minute
(All you emcees must get dissed
Cause only real niggas gonna bump my shit)
Check it out, yo

Yo, I'm a 90s nigga so of course I think my era the best
Untouchable, fucker we Eliot Ness
Mitchell-N-Ness it's all Jersey
Hoes send my while DMs, I feel I'm related to X
I don't be up in the trap tryna write raps
Just to say I'm in the trap and made it off rap
As the world turns, I let my L burn
And watch you little fish swim up in my well urn
Even gay bitches love me like the L word
And bitch niggas get a clip from a spell bird
I mean the Mossberg
The same thing, my weed got a case of gangrene when it's angry
I act like Scarface up in your project hallway
Make sure you're all covered by AllState
Me and them beats in your ear like Andre
And what I think of y'all motherfuckers, strange
Fuck y'all, I'm addicted like a menthal
I was born from the days of "yes, yes y'all"
My boy carrying a tech, rep call
So take your bitch ass home, [?]
I don't talk a lot, I just rap a lot
On this verse, I got tips from a astronaut
Check the forensics, we in this
I'll end this with Red is the best in the motherfuckin' busines

Writer(s): Tr. Washington
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