Testo della canzone Fatbacks (Quasimoto), tratta dall'album The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

Fatbacks - Quasimoto

I like my asses fat not flat
My honey's backs stay fat, and they're always like that
Not only in my house but on the streets there's stack and stacks, you know
I don't move slow, I get my cash flow
And then I go where brother's don't know, I'm on the down low
Some get mad cause they don't understand
That its Astro Black season, I'm in demand
I'm down with D-I-T-C, that's digging in them cakes
And my partner Lord Such we always get crazy dates
I hit it right cause what goes around comes around
Always look out, I'm hitting hookers like a hound
In and out like a bout honey's always shout
(Good looking Quas), yeah without a doubt
But don't try to take advantage
I'll just leave you alone instead of putting that ass in bandages
The big thighs you know I L-U-V
And next up is M-A-D who like his asses F-A-T
Check it out, yo Madlib is livin fat
Are you gentle or the type that want to get your ass smacked
Digging in some crates, play something smooth
Teddy Pendergrass or M.O.P. however your body move
I'm a top notch cake digger
Use my tool as a trigger, getting hustle
(Yeah that's my nigga)
But the sex I always take
But if the dip screams rape, like Kobe Bryant I'd be up state
(And you know that's a fact black)
So if she say no it means no and that's that
No matter how cute or big-breasted
Eh you heard she's got the boot, she got to get the exit
A little mad I didn't hit it
So I dialed 7 digits to some skins that's with it
We can bone in my closet that's my logic
But not every day because I'm working on my projects
Wash your ass and take it easy
Or act like Ray Charles cause you know you can't see me
I like to sex one but I might take on two, or even three
(Dang y'all look like triplets) All me
Dropping that ass like bad demos
And pulling all the cuties with no problemo
That's right cause I'm a gamer
(Your girl left you for me, Lord Quas, I don't blame her)
(Step back), get your sticks and your bats
Trying to step up cause my girls asses are fat

Writer(s): Otis Jackson
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