Testo della canzone Intro (feat. Gucci Mane) (Quality Control), tratta dall'album Quality Control: Control the Streets, Volume. 2

Intro (feat. Gucci Mane) - Quality Control

Dj Durel!

It's all love, I ain't trippin', it's all love (It's all love, hah)
Gave my jeweler an M and told him, "Ice the club" (Ice me up, brr, brr)
She keep looking for tips, I gave her a cookie nub (Here, hah)
'Cause we looking like icebergs, looking like glacier thugs (Uh, glacier, glacier)

I skrt coupes so we racer boys (Hoo)
Nut on her face, she gon' taste the boy (Ugh)
Youngest in the room (Yeah)
Hit a street sweep, no broom (Yeah)
Sawed-off pump go, "Boom!" (Boom!)
Old ass nigga thought Lil' Boat was a coon
I reserved his daughter for June (June)
Beat that pussy to a tune (Skrrt, skrrt)

Iceberg, ice trays
We the culture, nigga, no Tidal, but we the wave (Yeah)
White ice, dark shades (Yeah)
They think I'm workin' at Krispy Kreme, ice glaze
I can't get sick with the jewelry, no A's
And my hunnids old, just look at the age (Yeah)
I get the bag, and walk on the stage
Glacier Boyz, just call us new ice age

(Ruh, ruh, ruh, ruh, ruh)
Gucci Mane a plug
If I ain't knew no Takeoff, prolly think he sellin' drugs
If I ain't knew no Quavo, prolly think he sellin' Bud
Offset told me sign Pablo, 'cause he got designer drugs
(Flah, flah, flah) Niggas shootin' in the club
Shitted on my new bitch, then I went a bought a rug (Fur)
Flip that work with a spatula, with none but a shoulder shrug (Chef Curry)
These bitches on the Bachelor they know them M's up (M&Ms)

Get in there, know a nigga lookin' like a millionaire
Frigidaire, I had a dream, cookin' dope, I'm a motherfuckin' visionaire
Look at there
Told the bitch to make a million out the kitchen with no underwear
Get 'em outta here
I'ma shoot a hundred round drum 'til it empty, get another pair
Get in there, know a nigga lookin' like a millionaire
Frigidaire, I had a dream, cookin' dope, I'm a motherfuckin' visionaire

Billionaire, I'ma take the rap checks and put it in a brickfair
Give her swimwear
Diamonds pink clear, baguettes all wet like a sink yeah
My diamonds singin' like Gladys
They gon' shoot out the window, want addy's
We got baddies on baddies on baddies

Walk through the mall, I start up a pep rally
Drippin' too much, I can't put on New Balance
We not slippin' or trippin', I'm holdin' my balance (Yeah)
Feed your bitch dick, it's organic (Yeah)
Kill-Tecs, pussy boy panic (Lil' Boat)

I can't go out like Titanic (No)
Ice on my wrist, it's gigantic (Bling)
Bro kept a pot, no ceramics (Yeah)
Glacier boy, check my dynamics (Yeah)
Baby girl, settle down (Settle)
Shoot your boyfriend if he talking down (Shoot)
Niggas 'round me keep a hundred round (Hah)
(Bah, bah, bah) They gon' air it out, woo, woo
Lil' Boat

It's straight like that, man, we the OG Glacier Boyz, man
Seen everybody came straight from Atlanta, you feel me
Zone 6, Nawfside, West Side, whatever you wanna' do it
Big cash too, I'm talking 75 points and up
Everything real VVS, VS1, you know what I'm sayin'
Flawless diamonds and all that
Put them lil' ass diamonds away
I'm sayin' put them fake ass diamonds away
Them enhanced diamonds, put 'em away, know what I'm sayin'?

It's comin' from the youngest in charge from this
It's Lil Boat speakin', all my diamonds real, you feel me
All my watches cost over 50, bitch
And stop tellin' me, "Stop buyin' jewelry"
'Cause I'ma keep buyin' jewelry
Everytime you say "Stop buyin'" I'ma go buy more jewelry, yeah
I seen ya' house, that's a nice house, but look at my watch

You feel me, look at, look at this ring I just bought
Oh, you just married your girl? I married myself
Check this ring, you feel me
I'm tired of y'all niggas hatin' on me, man, you feel me
Y'all niggas ain't gettin' no motherfuckin' money, man
And if you is gettin' money, it ain't money to me
That shit ain't money to me
Fuck you talkin' 'bout, man, we them Glacier Boyz

Lil' Boat
Yeah that's our intro hoe
And we ain't cuttin' out nothin' out
Just like that you feel me
That shit was too hard
That's a nice house, nigga, but, look, look at my watch
That shit was hard bro

Writer(s): Quavious Keyate Marshall, Kiari Cephus, Miles Parks Mccollum, Marcus Darnell Slade
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