Testo della canzone I Thought I Told You (Proof), tratta dall'album Dirty District Vol. 3

I Thought I Told You - Proof

How you actin' like you don't know me?
Like I ain't been up in the D, bein' the illest MC
Like I ain't bless yall with countless hits, make the fellas say
And girls bounce they tits

Listen, I am the game, and I ain't ashamed
To say that it was I
Who put the fucking "I" in the team
Got Friends that be out gunnin, We all stunnas
Reminisce on my past, and then I recall wonders
I speed walk, long as I creep walk
Under your skin
Murder, Repeat, and get locked with them football numbers. (Proof)
A wolf, the hunger, so prey, so redundant to say
Want it all, so I stomach the hate
I punish the game
In the booth, it's the second coming
Proof will stand next to no one
The proof is inventive flow
I Maneuver your flesh and bone wit'
Your future is mine, I own it

How you actin' like you don't know me
How you actin' like you don't know me
Like I ain't been up in the D, Being the Illest MC
(Repeat x2)

Man, if a nigga act up, i'll smack him outta character
These rappers is embarrasin', capture my arrogance
My accomplice is knowledge, these young bucks is dumb fucks
The flow is priceless, fans give me thumbs up
I hit a track harder than Obie's head
And the only friends I fucked with is gone or dead
My hunger is driven to challenge men, pen to pen
And not to sell more records than Eminem
Royal as jigga, gangsta as 'Fitty
But to color your mind, im paintin' you history
Thankful it is, to be crowned the great
However, I won't lie on a verse, rehearse sounding fake
I am Proof, and Proof is Detroit. Detroit is us, D12 is real, who more Detroit than us?
We done bust shots for the block, and those that's locked, that love me
It's cause of yall than I won't stop

Check it out, it's ya mans Young R.J
Good lookin' for rappin' on the beat, Big proof, RIP

Writer(s): Writer Unknown, Rice Ralph J
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