The Separation - Problem

Featuring DJ Drama

I guess it's just that point in one's life
One's prophesive
One's journey
That's yo position or place where we'll count C notes around you
I mean let's face it
We have a competitive nature
I will always a favorite, be separate from the rats
Guess it's time for that fuckin separation

Money and hate, they perpetuated
Presidential Rolex shining diamond illustration
Yes this just one of my thirst for more, my dedication
Fuck eatin with you niggas, I'm so with this segregation
I'm on, yea
It's that game we all chose to play
You know I did like a real one if I'd go today
GPS to success, my niggas all know the way
And every time we break bread with the fam we all know the fame
'Cause that's the way yo blessings keep comin
You the man if you got bands so the aim is to keep grinding
There's a monster in my pants but if she came she gon keep comin
Yea, if she came she gon keep comin
Like the weeks, I'm talkin change my life too
I get a gang on the block to show my gratitude
Do my thing and I shake like a rattle do
But if I don't answer my phone one time niggas catch an attitude (what?)
They trippin but I had to blur it out
I got kids and baby mommas to worry about
Tryna keep this hair clean, ain't no barber for that
And beatin niggas up at the club, yea they comin from that
Yea the molly got my brain so the dudes switch
Scared, I'm leavin a good girl for my new bitch
Niggas from my past askin bout my crew switch
Yea, this just some of the whiles when yo crew rich

I'm doin bigger shit than all these other niggas out here
Roll my kush joint up and take a shot on the dead and just watch
Watch these niggas talkin bout me
I'm doin bigger shit than all these other niggas out here
Roll my kush joint up and take a shot on the dead and just watch
Watch these niggas talkin bout me

Let's be clear
When the conversation come up
I mean story and all money the same
Sometimes the variations
Nigga made no understanding
Bars get up
Eventually more and more realize there's something special about that moment
And eventually, well, shit changes
For us and for them

My nigga Mill is still gone, I'm really missin my thug
He used to love to hear me rap about these bitches and drugs
Spendin nights up in the trap discussin missions and plugs
Hopin rap will be lick to help us bubble like syrup
Squad on, sucker niggas is hatin
If I kill em while they breathe I'm really makin a statement
Used to sleep on a nigga, no mattress, no blankets
Pop another fuckin ace for all these chances and takers
Fire toss feel the spot niggas, hoes all glancing
Let you to come at me, mommy thinkin advancement
Baby girl you got ass but momma where is the class?
Don't be drinkin out my bottle, baby get you a glass
School of Hard Knox, I learned so I could teach these niggas
Fat T, grab the mic and straight delete these niggas
If need be
I hear you talkin that shit but talk that shit when you see me
That's how it go

We doin bigger shit than all these other niggas out here
Roll my kush joint up and take a shot on the dead and just watch

Yall ready?
The Separation!

Writer(s): Jason Martin
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