I'm Toe Up - Problem

Oh Shit
Fucked up Nigga
Whoa, she walked away
Aye, Aye Nigga

Oh my lord my moneys gone
I've done drunk to much Patron
I don't think I'll make it home
I just smoked a eigth of weed and I popped the thizz
I drank all the drank man you know what it is
I'm fucked up (I'm fucked up) I'm fucked up & I don't give a fuck

And I won't ever ever will G
I'm gonna stay get loaded til it kills me
Real alcoholics in the weed heads feel me
Get drunker than a skunk, stay higher than the ceilling
I ain't tryin to be disrespectful but I just wanna fuck, no nothing extra
Cause girl I'm the trap man salt and pepper
You never had sex with a star I bet ya
Shit if you come back to the car I'll let ya
Your good on top of beef like ketchup
Your boy just stepped up
Drunk that, smoked that the boy here effed up

I'm out my mind & I know I'm the shit
In the middle of the dance floor holding my dick
And I ain't trippin, ain't lookin for drama
Tryin to find a new babys mama
And if I can't find that I'll settle for a rat

Hell yeah that's what I be 'bout
Wanna find a rat homie pull that cheese out, and then they'll ease out
But boy I'm through, Eyes beat of red, the drinks see out blue
Adios mothafuckers which means I'm gone
Caome and toast mothafuckers like I just came home
Or I just got on or whatever the case is
Nigga order a case or brought whatever they waste I might level the place
Nope that there be a hell of a case
And I ain't tryin a do that I'm to busy stumblin'
Mouth all dry & my stomach keep grumblin'

Writer(s): Martin Jason
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