Testo della canzone Get Naked (Problem), tratta dall'album The Separation

Get Naked - Problem

Nigga you's a bitch, that's on my grandpa
Bitch nigga go change yo tampon
You forgetting it, nigga put some money up
Ain't worked out in weeks but I'm still in the club
With my tummy out like fuck it... I'm the nigga
My dick bigger, he ain't all in my level
Weed flowin through my brain
Fingers in the sky, bangin my game
Nigga like what? Get like this
That means I'm either on the radio or in your hoe
Love my squad, love getting paid
Lining up fades, sock a nigga out his J's
This for the hood, this for my babies
Adidas and a beeper, this is for the 80's
That's just on the reefer, VIP blazing
Asian eyed, who wanna type this ride? What?
Get naked
Bitch get naked
Get naked
Bitch get naked
Bitch get nakedFuck it, I'm a come in on the claps
Hit hit her bare doggie, and shot it on her back
And bounced like a froggy, and dipped like a mac
This molly here and smack, got me rollin like a Lac
I need a TD, goin too hard
But like a CB, you goin off 2 bars
Where pon at, I know you probably drunk
My ex just texted me, and I know she wanna fuck
And really I don't blame her cause bitch I do it
D2B, bitch I know it
In the spot posin, feelin like I am that nigga
Hoe, pull out yo phone, Instagram a niggaGet naked
Bitch get naked
Get naked
Bitch get naked
Bitch get nakedYea I got a gang of kids, fuck it
I take care of and they badass
Shout out to my baby mommas with they mad asses
Thanks for putting up with me and all my bad habits
Now fuck that nice shit, back to the business
Keep my back to the haters, only after the riches
Bout the dollars round here, all her actions are sick
'Cause all my niggas round me was with me in them trenches
Waiting for the jury and the flight
You shooting dice, try to get em tonight
Cruise sure feels, just go ahead and push the button
Lyin to these hoes, sayin anything to fuck em
Compton California, don't ever disrespect it
Love my city, I'm a yell in every record
Love my gang I'm a yell in every record
You know we the niggas so bitch get naked

Writer(s): Jason Martin
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