Hell, my turn on real content to death
Yeah I'ma return that real, death to all that sucker shit
Love women fuck a bitch chain out don't tuck my shit
'Cause ain't nigga gonna touch my shit
What? bitch bounce that ass for me
Forty bottles just came in
Bitch get that glass from me
'Cause I'm grippin at top on the hoe
Damn everything on the top of the hoe
Girl you bout to fill more cum
Booze tell em all I gotta stop at the stole
'Cause I need more papers, more condoms
Two bomb I'm so Sodom, no ass I'm so problem
Real niggas I show got em
And they right here with me
Yeah change sparkle I'll be with me
All the share mother fucker my kidneys
But I'ma turn up till got come get me

What? I need more drug, I need more bitches
Yeah, I need more drugs, need more bitches
Yeah, I need more drugs, I need more bitches
And I ain't gotta say money my dear
'Cause it's clear that is already here like what?
I'ma take thins thing to another level
I'm guessing they got my foot on the fucking pedal
I'm a fucking rebel, yeah I'm finish like two pot
Hit me, five times though
I'ma get every man to cruise rock from real
What, yeah game that's all I know
Huh money and cush is all I blow

Then I spit it up pretty boy shit I G'd it up
So my shit I read it up.read enough
Nigga it's my time I don't believe in luck
Unless it's bad nigga that's my fam
Diamond lane squat bangin
You might wanna come when my squat hangin
You probably wanna come when you fuck with me
But no baby I don't fuckin free so
Yeah I hope niggas don't start, start to hangin
What? 'cause it's probably gonna be follow by.
Yeah, and I ain't really try fuck my vacation
But if it's only money it gonna be the only thing that I start chasin
Huh, real nigga just stand up
You're feeling yourself when you squat nigga put your hands up
What? you got a few dollars you're gonan fuck nigga put them bands up
And ti start drummin the on to the side that start plumin, plumin plumin
Huh, yeah hell I'm bout that life
What, don't cross me boy I'm bout that crife
When my sew is. my loss
Yeah that's mother fucking moly ain't no joke
Yeah come fill ti all on my insides,
Kind of like bitch she fall it let it nigga inside
Ash tight em .me high
I ain't tryin got me slow though
Mami say I'm so fly, baby I already know so
Diamond like liquor stars
It's OTL that's fuck

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