Testo della canzone Bang Bang (Problem feat. Bad Lucc & The Game), tratta dall'album The Separation

Bang Bang - Problem feat. Bad Lucc & The Game

Bang (What)
Let me up and I bet i'll make this thing bang
Only time I'm really in the streets, is when you hear me on this fly shit
You know I'm from the hood so I'll
I'll be at the studio but when it come to the streets
I got some niggas that'll go

Sippin' on tequila
With some señoritas
All these hoes ratchet but they acting like divas
Come through speed, hoes all looking
Boy watch your threads, you get your life (tooken)
Goons ride like a roller, Push green like a stroller
Call us Minnesota bitch hotter than Takoma
Keep paper in folds
Who want the same thing?
Girl let me hit the thang thang
Bet I make you bang bang

You know I'm out the hood all my homies bang bang
You know how I do it, all my shit bang
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
And when I'm up in it you know it's goin' bang

I make that pussy go bang
She rode me like a train
I go crazy deep and it insane
Oh mama that bitch can't hang
I beat it like a case
She squirted in my face
She laughed when she did it
Until I swam in it
Looked her in her eye gave her everything she needed
I call that thing kunta because that pussy i defeated
Lucky lucky git
Baby let me warn ya'
I worked that body like some shit straight off of Pornhub
She lookin' crazy but I'm running California
In diamond lane dick straight up on ya'
Put that on your kids, you didn't run little mama she done
Told her sit on my face, better you jump when it's done
"Got them crazy, he shady" is what they say when he done
Make that pussy gangbang on the hood she the one

There's a reason why they put me last
Problem riding shotgun, Bad Lucc on the gas
Four pipes hangin' out the ass
Compton for real you ain't got to ask
That's the turf nigga roll the grass
World star knockout king, nigga fuck her past
Unless you bang what I'm banging
I'm repping Cedars put you in Cedars, don't look at my chain
I tell the waiter hurry up them guns are very us
Got my shooters in this bitch nigga Steph Curry(ed) up
Golden State Warriors is back putting hoes in your snapback clack like that
You ain't never met a motherfucker rap like that
Sold 12 million records still strapped like that
And niggas say they want a problem in the back
You ain't even know I had a problem in the back

Writer(s): Jason Martin
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