Testo della canzone The Motor-Booty Affair (Parliament), tratta dall'album Motor-Booty Affair

The Motor-Booty Affair - Parliament

Oh, Oh ladies and gentleman, you gotta see this. (Oh, Oh look at the
This is exciting ladies and gentlemen. (Oh my goodness... back stroke...)
I'd like to say, this is Howard Codsell, reporting for the Motor Booty Affair.
(DOW! Dat dah dahdat, dadah dadah dadah dadah daaaaah, dat dah dahdah)
We're here and we're seeing all kinds of people coming in here now. We got
Queen Freakalene, we got Charlie Tuna over there to -?- whatever...

...this is really fantastic, we want you to stick around, we've got a lot
Of things planned for you this evening.

DOWN! Dat dah dahdat (girls: dat dah dadat)
Don't you know I'm good for you girl dat dah dadiiiiiiiiiiiiieee
(Wait a minute! Don't you know I'm good for you!)
Yes siree we've got ... I tell you this girl's a hot bubble goddess.
Come here you little thing...

Yeah, yeah
Three days have passed and I've had you on my mind
Maybe we can meet after the jam, yeah
They say it's early yet, but luck's like that sometimes
(Don't you know I'm good for you girl)
I'll tell you something I can't stand
(Good for you baby! Yeah)

You know I'm good for you bay.
(I tell you, we've got... we've got, Rumpofsteelskin,)
You know you drive me cray...
(...we've got Duke Minusdagroove... HEY THERE DUKE! HELLO BABA! BABA!)

I've been seeing all the guys, come by and talk to you
Seems to me like it's without a break Uhhh
I'm too shy most of the time, let me tell you girl
This is serious for goodness sake,
I got to be good to you.

DOW! Dat dah dahdat,
Dadah dadah dadah dadah daaaaah, dat dah dahdah
DOW! Dat dah dahdat,
Dadah dadah dadah dadah daaaaah, dat dah dahdah
DOW! Dat dah dahdat,
(I got to be good to you baby)
Don't you know I'm good for you

How about that all-crab band ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna try to get a
Interview with one of 'em. OH WAIT A MINUTE! OH WAIT A MINUTE!
THERE GOES MOBY DICK! Yes, he's running after Octopussy
(I've got to be there for you girl)
I'm telling you this is, this is the greatest thing you've (Ohh!!!)
...ever seen.

Excuse me little girl...
...watch your elbow

We can find a mystical mating ground out there somewhere
(Somewhere, somewhere)
We can swim through life without a care, be there (be there, baby be there)
(Oh OHH!! Rita the Mermaid hold it, let me get a... let me...)
We can????? (without getting spare?)
(...Look at are fins their so BEAUTIFUL, I gotta...)
Nothing as deep and down, you are so rare (you're so rare)
I'm good for you girl (I'm good for you, you know I've got to be)

DOW! Dat dah dadat Don't you know I'm good for you girl

Don't you know I'm good for you girl

Look at those jellyfish jamming with the baracudas!
Testing one, two, Oh...

This is Howard Sellcod... cod... so-ur... cardshark (get yours)


Writer(s): R. Ford, G. Shider, G. Clinton Jr., J. S.theracon
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