Testo della canzone You Want It (Packy), tratta dall'album Same Difference

You Want It - Packy

You live life for that moment
You want it girl, and I know it
Your heart, I own it
You want it girl and I know it
You can't control it
You want it girl and I know it
You love life and live for the night and I like the fact that it's showing

I see beauty in those eyes, I know it's something
I feel it like butterflies
She floatin' like a microphone
She open like "I'm here rappers"
So she like 'em, parents hate 'em
And she fight it
Deep inside she really like it
She always been a safe girl with a safe guy
But that grass grew and that paint dry
And got bored, can't blame her
Nah, she want an entertainer
Reputation- player
She don't believe all that though
Low key, she don't really care right now
She don't really wanna go that slow
Lights low at this show
All those people out on that floor
Don't be shy baby, it's all right
Quit hangin' in the back row
Let me see somethin' you got
Let other girls into the spot
But since you popped up
You don't really wanna wait around for the clock cause
Strike midnight, then who knows
Who knows Take that chance
You might like it
I can see that you excited
I can see the stories in your eyes and I'm like "write it all down"

We could do whatever baby
Let go of the wall and get a little closer let me drive you crazy

I see you with you lady friends
I see you think it's funny how you get these men to spend their money like they with Mercedes-Benz
Crazy ends
Your girls 9's, maybe 10's
I don't really know though
It all depends
If they standin' next to you
Girl you are the finest
No lie
Your highness
I wish you would step over here and say hi
You know I'm everything they not
You know a little bit about me
You wanna see that with your own eyes
You been lookin' for the right love
You been lookin' at the wrong guys
Lemme try
I know what to do
Girl, what you think about that
This club packed
Lotta people waitin' out front
What you think about leaving out back
You down?
Grab you 'round the waistline
Go till we don't hear that bassline
And we all alone
It's our night
Don't waste time
It's alright
With me Take that chance
You might like it
I can see that you excited
I can see the stories in your eyes and I'm like "write it all down"

You can't hide it from me, I can tell you like it girl
I can see you smilin', hidin' it behind them curls
Trust me, you don't gotta fake it, baby be yourself
If I wasn't looking for you then I'd be with someone else
Cut the lights in this thing
Can't tell day and night in this thing
Cut them phones off and then you know
And then doze off in this thing
Wake up in no time
Grab hold the wine, sip slow the wine in this thing
Girl I know the signs
Let go the wine, it's overtime in this thing, uh
Wake up, grab that purse
Late to work and you rushin' out cause your girl outside waitin'
She want to hear what the fuss about
You walk out, walk back in
You sexiest when you smilin'
You look at me, and I look at you
And we both know to keep silent like this
You took that chance, I know you liked it
I could see that you excited
I could see the stories in your eyes and then I wrote it all down

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