Testo della canzone The Difference (Packy), tratta dall'album The Difference

The Difference - Packy


Lately I went missin' with no permission
It's part of it
I been workin' harder than competition from start of it
Now they lookin' at me
I see 'em all through the rearview
Kill yourself to get your spot
Then they die to be near you
They think that I made it cause I made it past them
They were never the target
My target is past Em
They laugh
But they laugh too
And they talk to me back then
Guess it's déjà vu
I'll be back when I lap them
Hate that I acknowledge haters
Call it a curse
I'm on a search for validation
Guess I don't know how this works
But I'm learnin' on the job
You can never please 'em all
I see why rappers get that money
And then all they do is ball
Let 'em know
I can feel the transformation
I don't want to change
But part of me just wants to make it
Pardon me while I vacation
Part of me wants to be famous
But what good is being known if I don't 'member what my name is?

Everything is changin'
I just pray it's for the better
This used to be my diary
Now it's an open letter
Hope that I can take the heat
I been used to the coldest weather
I'll do what I gotta do
The industry should know what's better
I say the real shit that you afraid to say
Then I get shit for sayin' it
I'd rather get a thanks
People steady takin' shots
But more and more they feel like blanks
And all these rappers get upset
My team is movin' up the ranks
Get your weight up
I don't wait up
I can't count the night I stayed up
Man, sometimes this life's a bitch
But I just hope that this bitch pays up
Used to want it, now I need it
That's the difference between failing and succeeding

Far as underground goes
My numbers do the talkin'
Couple hundred on the table
All I gotta do is walk in
But I won't
Really I could use the money
But I don't
Reputation all I have
And that a'int ever worth a quote
If all I'm worried 'bout is cash
I be in the game for a second
I'm in the game to break records
Not in the game to take second
Where the hell is my crew at?
Behind me, boy, you knew that
Soon as I get a little bit of buzz
It's like these people try to do that
Soon as we get a little bit of pub
It's like that circle get a little tighter
Soon as we get a little bit of loot
Those people's eyes, they get a little wider
'Bout done beggin' for greenrooms
I be like "Bruce, just give him that rider"
Got yo chick all on my shit
While you just stand there right beside her
Like it's cool
I'm just tryna' wrap my head around the fact that one day I'm nobody
Then I'm a celeb
What's the basis?
I'm in different places
Ride with me or let me be
Only gettin' better
I think I'm ready for anything

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