Testo della canzone Somebody to Love (Packy), tratta dall'album The Parlay

Somebody to Love - Packy

Somebody to love, she gotta have somebody to love
Somebody to love, she gotta have someone

Uh, baby look, I could be the one to coach you
Ever since Whats-His-Face?, they don't approach you
Or you don't let 'em, either way I'mma change that
Told you I would, I did, and then I came back
You too much to touch for these boys
Your friends say you need one, fuck that noise
I'm back though, the boys ain't really know how to act
So I'mma show you the world, you just take it to the bottom of the map, good-looking
Oh yeah, that's what it is
You just say the word when you've had enough of this
I know you had this type of loving on your bucket list
Die in my arms tonight


Feel the vibe, take your phone ring off
Tell the girls not tonight, call the whole thing off
You sick of the bar but they pull up and you get in the car
Back of your head, you know it ain't getting you far
Skirt, never that mind, don't waste time
I came here for you, at least don't waste mine
Told you that I'd be back, back when I get it right
Now I need you shotgun, riding through the city lights
Uh, atta girl, I know that you 'bout it
Take a hit of this, I know that you can't live without it
Ohhh, dayumm girl here we go again
Tell me if it's too fast
We can take it slower then


You a queen, anyone can see that
Girl I'm the man, not just anyone can be that
You say the word and we outtie, I'm sorry
You don't gotta take another vacation without me
Let's get away, you're breaking resolutions
You know that I got it, no making restitutions
It's all on me, it's all on Pack
Put my chips down, put it all on black
Double up, then slow it down like a double cup
I could do whatever now, really ain't no trouble of
It's all Gucci girl, it's all groovy
I see the proof now, it's true, you improve me


Somebody to love, now that I've found somebody to love
Somebody to love, now that I've found someone
We can do whatever you like, we can do whatever you like
Do whatever you like, whatever you like
We can do whatever you like

I can't remember what it feels like
I be faking love now, where the hell is real life?
One too may nights out, prolly
She come over when the lights out, prolly
That life ain't what it seems, I'm following my dreams
So I gotta make make the most of it and hollow out my flings
No strings, no rings ever
Never fall in love again and never means never
I'm a rolling stone now
Nothing moving slow now
Only want the girls that tell me no now
And I'd explain it all, but I don't even know how
Nothings ever on the low down
Everybody thinks they know every place that I go now
I don't have the energy for gossip, no
Keeping everybody happy is impossible

Writer(s): Matthew Duda
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