Testo della canzone Save The Pleasantries (Packy), tratta dall'album Same Difference

Save The Pleasantries - Packy

Steady tryna take the high road
But they make it so hard
They love to tell you "dream big"
'Till you take it too far
They can tell you what you're doin' wrong
But could never do it like you
If they can't put a label on ya
Ain't no tellin' what you might do
Made a lotta changes, I had to do it
Difference between me and them is I can see the wall before I crash into it
I saw the country this year, twice, some people missin'
I gave some people a hint
I guess we'll see who listen
Crazy when your dream is right in front of you
I been so caught up in day-to-day, to me it's nothin' new
When did we get here, and why didn't we celebrate it?
I think I learned that when we really make it I won't have to say it
I don't wanna have to say it

I think I've been trying to please everybody for way too long
Save the pleasantries

Shit is real as ever
I feel okay, but I feel the pressure
Fell into some old ways to get me felling better
It never lasts
People say "let it pass"
People talk, and people get dismissed like the underclass
I feed on that
If I cut a record, then I bleed on that
They want me underground
But I'd rather keep my feet on that
Used to really play the background
Lookin' up to cats
But couldn't tell you where they're at now
It's crazy
I don't know if they got lazy or they couldn't catch a break
Either way I'm yellin' "pay me" cause you never know
Tryna' stay ahead and shit
Must be doin' something right
Finally seeing benefits
I think I could make some people relevant
But they're too busy tryna' make their own room
They don't see the elephant
That's why I'm out here like the delegate
Tryna' turn my boys into the ones I get the cheddar with
That's why I'm out here like the delegate
Tryna' turn my boys into the ones I get the cheddar with

Sometimes I need a tough love
It's sincere
I don't need a lesson now
Tell me what I wanna hear
I been around the block
They don't get a cut
I work around the clock
Hear me on sway for anything come off top
Money in
Won't shake me down
I ain't make money then
It won't make me now
Soon as peers can't relate
Then they break me down
I swear they hate me only cause they ain't me now
My fuse got shorter, skin got thinner
I got fuel for the fire
Baby, 'bout to be a hot winter
Big bears tryna' eat and I'm not dinner
I got a lot on my plate
And you boys chop liver
I'm a hot spitter, ask about me at the hospital
I'm surgical with the flow, boy, I'm Doc Rivers
Ain't no middle ground these days
You either wit' us or you're not wit' us

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