Testo della canzone I Already See It (Packy), tratta dall'album Mad Lifey

I Already See It - Packy

Stay and stare
Take your time
I already see it
Stay and stare
Take your time
I already see it
Fantasize, fantasize
For everything
To fall into picture

Yeah, uh
Visionary when I turned 18
Had to show a side of me that people ain't seen
I wanted everyone along with me
But I had to drop a couple boys from the A-team
It'll all be fine, long as Pack on it
Yeah we all had dreams but they ain't act on it
Now they mad that the mantle got a plaque on it
Fell off the bandwagon but they back on it
And now they wonder why I'm so cynical
People fall in love with an image it's so typical
I been an original, everybody a critic
Everybody got an opinion, and everybody give it
I don't see nobody that navigated the mission
I'd be liable to listen to anybody that did it
We independent and been it for a minute
Pulling up with the back of the van tinted
And I'm the cracker that's in it
What a vision we living
What a position I'm in
You ain't on my side now
If you ain't have my back back then
I remember when they hated now they act friends
Even if they throwing shade now
But they do it with the accent
They want it with me now
Hit them with the rope-a-dope, they been tryna pin me down
I don't really think a lot of people get me now
'Fore they get me down
I duck 'em with the Antoine shimmy now
Get the paper, divvy it up, hold my city down
Hope I make the city proud
Whole team getting jiggy now
On the road like 4.0
On the road like it's all I know
Forget to call my folks
I'm missing birthdays and funerals
Oh God, this shit becoming the usual

Oh God, this shit becoming the usual
I guess it got to get ugly before it get beautiful, yeah

Stay and stare
Take your time
I already see it
Stay and stare
Take your time

I already see it
Fantasize, fantasize
For everything
To fall into picture

I dunno if I really believed it back then
Young and naive, Getting my degree and rappin'
Got 'em looking at me like I ain't want it that bad then
But I did more in 4 years than they did in the last 10
Now we making money on the back end
They look at me like, "That shit just happened"
Fell into my lap, I can't help but laugh at 'em
I clock in, go to work, we back at 'em, oh
So into hell I go
Gatekeepers wanna sell my soul
To sell my flow
I don't need to shell out dough to sell out shows
I don't make no fake shit up, it's all bona-fide
Doors close and I open eyes
I been killing everything to keep the hope alive
Working overtime, get the troops and we mobilize
Now I'm looking at the world with my global eyes
Yeah, I really see it it's all clear, I'm on tour
Talking to my boys wishing they were all here
I want more, the crowd working the encore
Living out the shit I'm working on for my sophomore
Mad Lifey, don't like me, go bite me
There just might be something wrong with your psyche
I'm so hyphy, this shit ain't like me
You could try to shit on me, but the shit ain't likely
I'm cap city, born and raised
And for the people that jumped ship
I'll make it rain 40 days

Motivated by good living and good women
I love shitting on fake friends, I love winning
We could really have it all
We could really have it all
I had a dream and I'm living it
I need to make it last, I'll be damned if I spend a day not getting it, Pack

Stay and stare
Take your time
I already see it
Stay and stare
Take your time
I already see it
Fantasize, fantasize
For everything
To fall into picture

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