Testo della canzone For Real, for Real (Packy), tratta dall'album The Parlay

For Real, for Real - Packy

Faded off of one too many bottles. got it crackin' now
Looking at the crystal ball, it's got me actin' out
Let me rain it in, hold up tho we came to win
My situation ain't change me, I just been changin' it
So hate me now, I ain't trippin' off it
23 and I'll be rappin' until I'm at least Pippen off it
Labels pimpin' off it, that's why both my hands are flippin' off it
If you ain't the ace of spades then don't be sippin' off it
Dues paid, rip my hair out until I'm toupee'd
Workin' till the crew paid enough
It don't matter who pay for nothin'
Up and comin', nothing less and nothing given
Something about winter nights
Rollin' deep in the whip and yellin'

I keep it for real, for real
My people for real, for real
For real, for real
For real, for real
For real

Ain't no tellin' where we heading this evening
But since I came in the game
Everywhere I go I've been speeding
From the L where they rugged, don't bitch to me when it's raining
I hated working for the man so I just worked and became him
What's a vacation without the people that you came with?
They ain't hear me before but now they speak the language
Now the speak the language, now they speak the language
Now they bandwagon, ridin', grippin' when we lane switch
Rollin' with the boys, makin' noise down the backstreets
Everything the competition plottin', we did last week
Nothing but love thicker than blood for my brothers
And when we in the city, man it's nothing but ruckus
We yell it

I see the way that everybody lookin' at us, I do
Like "this ain't you man, why you change?"
Honestly, it's the same old story
Why am I the only one that turned the page?
Funny how this shit work
I ain't throw no punches, I don't know why they get hurt
I'm doing me, I'm still kickin'
They hate it but they listen
They hate it but there ain't a track they ever get to skippin'

Writer(s): Patrick Duda, Matthew Duda
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