Testo della canzone El Capitan (Packy), tratta dall'album El Capitan

El Capitan - Packy

Okay, line me up, swear I'm getting faded
This career of mine is going out to all the chicks I dated
First I couldn't get 'em
Then I got 'em and they dumped me
Then I got 'em and I skated
It's whatever, now they love me
I'm so chilly, really
I could see my team making a milli
And if I'm the man in LA
I'm the man in any city
For now I'm anonymous
They don't know the answer but I'm what the problem is
The real is back, you fall off
I give you a verse then boom your appeal is back
It's like that, I'll be where the hype at
I'mma kill this, red dot where the snipes at
You a star huh? Where your stripes at?
I've been frontline for like 5 years
You've been backseat for about 10
Now you salty because in about half the time
I make groupies outta your friends
El Capitan
Homie, don't play that
Don't you know me and your girl we go way back?
This shit too easy, this shit like free throws
She say she loves you but we know
I'm buzzin' out, everybody my cousin now
Everybody want credit, they ask for it and it doesn't count
It's understood around here
Still rep my neighborhood around here
My team been with me for no profit
Man they know they good around here
That's family, that's family though
This shit more than a cameo
This shit that I write in my bedroom gonna get us a grammy though
Shit, I took old ass mixtapes that you could download free
Put that thing together on one record, hit Billboard the next week
I'm like the best kept secret
Gotta be the next artist to pop
Living in the age of One-Hit Wonders
Waiting on the next artist to flop
That ain't me though, I'm hitting every plate appearance
So when I'm on I got that fashionably late appearance
I'm El Capitan
I'm all day with it, my OJ keep Bombay with it
No label tells me shit so when I drop there's no delay with it
You Vegas for them stripper hoes
I'm Vegas shooting' videos
And I got them all lookin'
Got your girl on her tippy-toes
Man I'm out here, this all that
Don't test me, I don't miss all that
Last Fall, back to class
Exams of rap show back to back
Now the system can kiss my ass
Got my business major but without it got my business major
Now without reading no Wall Street I'mma get this business paper
Cut the BS, you should see us
I could be on ESPN
Way I'm killing all these records and leading my team to wins
I'm an All-Star point guard dishing out assists
Got the city on my back and a C on my chest
El Capitan
Homie, don't play that
Don't you know me and your girl we go way back?
This shit too easy, this shit like free throws
She say she loves you (hold up I'm too throwed)
Yup, you could hate me now
All it means you and your girl are tryna take me down
Yup, I'm so cold that
I could turn your favorite current song into a throwback
Yup, never fake the funk
My music like my childhood I never made the bunk
Yup, cashing all my checks
Jumping in the dating pool splashing on my ex
Sike, ain't no time for that
You can't touch this hammer time Pack
I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man
Yup, El Capitan

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