Testo della canzone Dear Rap Game (Packy), tratta dall'album Dear Rap Game

Dear Rap Game - Packy

Dear rap game, back on my BS
Sincerely yours, Young Pack
Oh and P.S.
I'm sick of all these trolling ass, stunting ass, clown ass
No talent having ass, lazy ass rappers
Punching every line like they crazy athsmathic
Bling below freezing, music below average
Fuck are ya'll saying
Swear you mentally challenged
Dare you try and come at me on a beat and do some damage
You amateur
You a flash in the pan, I got the stamina
Viagra, I go fucking hard
I be on the mic
Ya'll in front of cameras, stomping yard
If I get a hit, it won't be an accident
Bumper cars
My days chillin all gone
I was comfortable being big fish, small pond
Now I'm back on my underdog
The unknown juggernaut
Ya'll gonna duck or nah
Uppercut so hard, hit you in the upper jaw
Killing it since rap was my other job
I'm the only one that saved me
Who my wonder wall
You will never know where I'm at
You a gutter ball, you won't get a pin from me
Pull strings on you bitches
Like a mother fucking symphony
Always did it differently
Thank me that she faithful
Cuz trust, she would sin for me
Little Pat with the backpack rap flow
Turned Rambo
Game turned me to an asshole
Grab dough like I'm polite
Say you over bars
Well, you set em quite
Low no wonder
Listen up, this is how to spit a flow one-oh-one
A, read a book
B & C, read some other ones
D, put your heart in that spit
Lotta people just regurgitating popular shit
We can see tho
E tho, shoot shots till they like free throws
Wash the competition, rinse and repeat those
Can't guarantee success
But if you work your ass off
I can guarantee at least respect
I don't fuck with none of these
Buzzing for some other reason rappers
'Member when the fuckin meaning mattered
Shake hands, I feel I'm meeting actors
So I'm never out looking, like a swinging batter
Now I'm pissed I can't hold my bladder
Ya'll just get pimped, while I own my masters
I am not rich, but I keep my balance
Ya'll somebody's bitch
Talk like you the shit, I can't stand it!
This the type of thing that happen
When real emcees pushed to the brink and we snap
And people wanna act like we a dying breed
Real rap still alive long as I can breathe

Writer(s): Packy
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