Testo della canzone Show Me Your Soul (P. Diddy feat. Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams & Loon), tratta dall'album Bad Boys II (Soundtrack 2)

Show Me Your Soul - P. Diddy feat. Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams & Loon

[Lenny Kravitz also accompanies with guitar]

[Intro: Pharrell Williams] (Diddy in background)
Hey yo, ladies and gentlemen
You could never imagine, what's about to happen right now
(Hey yo check this out)

[Verse: P. Diddy]
Hey yo I'm back by popular demand and shit
Niggaz want the crown but can't handle it
This rap game's getting scandalous
I done lost my best friend in Los Angeles
My other nigga turned Evangelist
But I can't quit cause I'm on some Evander shit
Fuck the money and the white sand and shit
When it's said and done you gunna understand this shit
Your man talking about Hummers and little cars
That only fit in his little house little garage
His lifestyle is just a little mirage
He the type of cat that never had a menage
Backrub, you know a little massage
Tight shit you get when you Head Nigga in charge
I'm in the Rolls listening to the bars
Leaned back wit a chick smoking on cigars
>From Bogota, Colombia, chicks from Panama
The diamond fellow, mami hello
Pull up in the drop my Ferrari yellow
Pull off your top make it shake like Jello

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams] (Lenny Kravitz)
DROP EVERYTHING! When you walk in the door
Free your self 'fore get ya ass on the floor!
Ah be a maniac-ah! lose control (just lose control)
GET NAKED! Strip down to your soul!

[Bridge: Pharrell Williams]
Well strip down! (work)
Show me some more! (work)
Is that all you got?! (work)
You got to make me believe it girl! (work)

[Verse: Pharrell Williams]
I'm sitting on your Louie bag, now you're braining it
Lookin like your little sister came that painted it
Slick, like calamari tentacles
Staring at my chain I kicked off your Jimmy Choos
I weigh 155 pound when I'm soaked ma
That Rolls Royce Phantom, it ain't no joke ma
Weed brownie at 2, but I will not smoke ma
Don't talk about licking if it ain't deepthroat ma
I give you great dick, I make your face flip
Then take ya aboard a nigga Spaceship
Star Trak, my fault I mean Mother Ship
Put on the cameras, try it you'll be loving it
And you can bring your girl and we can get on another tit
Me? I'm a Mount Airy fellow
Or down in Florida wit the Maranello
Driving slow watch the mami mouthing "hello"
Get wit ya man if you want love you better
Trying to get +Dirty+ like +Aguilera+
Yep, he's a skater the kids that's rhyming
But I'm also young and rich wit a big ass diamond



[Verse: Loon]
Hey yo my intro's crazy, I'm in a new Mercedes
Rocks the same colors as daisy's
Y'all niggaz is lazy, I'm on my j-o-b
And that's why ya hate on me
But here's the update, Loon ain't got nothing but cake
And power from here to upstate
Y'all sweet as cupcakes
So why niggaz stay wit tough faces?
I stay trying to figure what Loon and Puff make

[Verse: P. Diddy]
Bitch please! you ain't been in a helicopter
Flying 'round Jesus statue wit a mountain in Brazil
Bitch please! you ain't never been to Guatemala
Eating shrimp by the dollar taking flights to Negril
Bitch please! and you ain't been wit Lenny and Pharrell
Me and Loon in the hills giving mami's the chills
Bitch please! and you ain't never seen a hotter nigga in the game
12 years selling records by the mill, c'mon now


[P. Diddy]
Let's work (huh yeah), let's work
Let's work (huh yeah), let's work
Show me your soul! c'mon now!
Show me your soul! c'mon now!
Show me your soul! c'mon now!
Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell, they call me Diddy!
We wanna see the masses shaking out there
It's getting sexy in here
Alright y'all, alright alright!


[Outro: P. Diddy]
C'mon and c'mon now
Everybody c'mon and c'mon now
Everybody c'mon and c'mon now
Let's rock, c'mon and c'mon now
Just shake, c'mon and c'mon now
Just stop, c'mon and c'mon now
Just clap, c'mon and c'mon now
Everybody c'mon and c'mon now
Rejoice. I like the way you looking out there!
I like the way you looking out there!
Don't stop. and another one, and another one
Bad Boys 2, the Saga Continues!
We won't stop, B.I.G. forever!
Let's go.

Writer(s): Sean Puffy Combs, Pharrell L Williams, Leonard A Kravitz, Varick D Smith, Chauncey "loon" Hawkins
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