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Testo della canzone This Isn't the End (Commentary) (Owl City), tratta dall'album Mobile Orchestra (Track By Track Commentary)

This Isn't the End (Commentary) - Owl City

This is maybe the song, I most proud of
That I have written
It hasn't happen too often, but this is one of those songs that just came to me spontaneously that
I basically wrote it down as the words popped into my head

And this is what
I ended up with it hasn't happen too often
It wasn't easy to write in the sense that some of the issues that deals with are easy to aproach or deal with,
But in fact that I felt so okay with being dishonest and vulnerable and open, it was really a great thing for me

The song is loosely based around in my mother's father who left her at very young age and
What is like for a little girl to grow up without a dad
She never knew what is like to have a father who loved her and

I remember as a kid myself hearing her talk about what 'bout is like
She never talk very much, but the few times she did always dealt with me and
This song is kind of my version dealing with that, so again like some of the previous songs in the album
I really hope that this is the kind of a song that somebody out there needs to hear

Heartbreaking, though maybe in terms of a some of subject matter,
I do hope that helps people, that's I want the most is the power of music has a way of you know proving itself so capable
I've been asked of few times about the relationship between the father in this song and why exactly he left his family and his own life,

Was that due to a selfish conscious act or was he because he is suffered to mental illness
And the answer that he left his family for completely selfish reasons he didn't actually struggle with depression or suffer from an illness which
I agree with make a line "the role of a father he never deserved"
Extremely cruel and wrong if that were the case, but the truth is that with the father did was to willfully abandon and disown his family which you know,

Did untold damage to this little girl who had to grow up without a dad
So yeah, hopefully that clarifies a question of several fans that asked me
Clearly proud of this song, I feel like music is rarely honest and kindly laid bear as it has a potential being
So this is my attempted tackling some of those important issues that
I feel like many people deal with you know and hopefully leave them feeling like despite the heartache and
The sorrow that seems like insurmountable it's not the end it'll gonna be okay that's I want people to take away from this song

Writer(s): Young Adam R
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