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Testo della canzone Unsteady (Ollie feat. X Ambassadors), tratta dall'album Unsteady

Unsteady - Ollie feat. X Ambassadors

Hold on, hold on, hold on to me
Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady

See Katie, Just 19
She was headed off to college
To follow a dream, didn't really have friends
Never played in a team
So focused on school
She was hardly a teen, damn
Living in her room, she barely left
Hated bein' lonely
So she slept
Only got up to study for tests
And honestly she don't really care about the rest
Then, she met a dude
Started going out cause
That's all he wanted to do
He didn't care about her
Just some bottles of booze
He was focused on his last
Never told her the truth
Constantly used
Grades started fading away
She was giving everything
While he would take and take
Her first real love but for him it was fake
And she finally caught him over at his ex girl's place, no
She don't know what to do
Cause loving this guy
That was all that she knew and it's hard to find
The next one when you're broken in two
Broken and bruised
Feeling like you destined to lose
But, she ain't ever felt this way
She ain't ever felt this way
Grab another bottle
Put it up to her face
Rather cover all the pain
Before she ever would, say

Hold on, hold on, hold on to me
Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady

Meet Dylan, a high school kid
Always wanted something more
But could never begin, never fit in
He was kinda lacking with friends
His favourite part about the day
Is when it would end, damn so alone
Spending nights in his room
Nobody hitting his phone
Always wonder to himself
If he did something wrong
The truth is that he was barely getting along
Still, he ain't ever tell no one, he ain't ever tell no one
About to take his own life before it ever begun
Stuck on the run, tired of always being a runt
See, he was so sick of being laughed at
Started hitting up the parties
Saying pass that
Get a little bit high just to feel okay
But all the pain he could barely even mask that
No, not the whisky or drugs
Only losing yourself, you ain't fixing it up
Pill in a cup, cheers man
Drinking it up
Getting so high he don't even know what's up
But, he ain't ever felt this way
He ain't ever felt this way
Really can't tell
By the look on his face
But inside, see Dylan
He was begging to, say

Hold on, hold on, hold on to me
Cause I'm a little unsteady
Alittle unsteady

Writer(s): Alexander Junior Grant, Samuel Nelson Harris, Casey Wakeley Harris, Adam Levin, Noah G. Feldshuh
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