Testo della canzone The C.I.A. Is Still Trying to Kill Me (Non Phixion), tratta dall'album The Future Is Now: Platinum Edition

The C.I.A. Is Still Trying to Kill Me - Non Phixion

(Ill Bill:)
Non Phixion's still the real hip hop, the CIA still wanna kill me
They want to drag me in a courtroom and find me guilty
Because I reign in blood, I'm the master of puppets
That's pulling your strings and my brain is bugged
You chumps have ruled enough, I put you to death like Chuck Schuldiner
Among the living like Anthrax, my thugs deliver dog
Now who's crying? Peace sells but who's buying?
Crucified like a messiah in a fire dying
This song is K-Rock I stay hot like Gene Simmons
In '76? I'm on it
Started to write your Obituary, Slowly We Rot
Smoking pot, woke up this morning and spoke to God
He told me the world's over, worldwide nuclear assault
Circle of tyrants bring the Celtic Frost
Gangster rappers and all types of guns
Religious fanatics and? us with platinum albums
The path I follow is like the dragon shadow, invisible to CIA camera angles
They got files on every rap group, they killed the last man who had proof
They after me for information that I have too


I'm paranoid tell me what the fuck they asked you
You fuck around with me and I might have to blast you
The CIA trying to kill me, we bad news
Get the fuck up out my way when I pass through

I'm paranoid tell me what the fuck they asked you
You fuck around with me and I might have to blast you
The CIA trying to kill me, we bad news
Fuck around with Non Phixion? That's a bad move

Symbolism, socialism, live life to the fullest
If they try to take mine then I'mma wave the nine and pull it
My patience is running thin, spy agents coming in
Trying to lock me down for now I have to hide the gun again
It's punishment, the courts and prisons, the cross and Christians
I know the difference between reality and (false/forced) religion
My thoughts envision freedom and peace
But the hood still breed beef and people bleed in the street
We got AIDS and cancer, teenagers crash into buildings with planes in Tampa
I can't explain the answer, I can only stand for what I believe
Family, friends, health, wealth, good food, pussy, and trees
I be the one to make a fist and raise it so over-wasted the basics
Overstand the bullshit that you're faced with
The water's laced with chemicals, you can taste it
Leaves you brainsick, angry and full of hatred
Like nobody likes you now you think I'm spiteful
Self-hate is frightful, look at the face of Michael
I fight you for justice, freedom, and equality
These creeps keep following me


I'm a survivalist, they said I should've been dead over a year ago
With a barcode on my head God knows my intent
Thug hummers with thugs drunk with guns
Drunk on drugs, moshpits, popping collars keep it crunk in the club
Busting for fun, Canarsie to Spain, trunk with carcass parked in the rain
I see you faggots barking the name
Fake fame you get your wig sprayed, your image is played
Stop keeping it gully, cut the Sam Kinison braid
Keep your song sweet my life verses like tight virgins
Out in LA I'm up in hot tubs with night nurses
Exed out, sniff the white pony, ceremony open shit
See me through the smoke, nervous system full of opiates
The MDA shoot points like NBA blew the advance on firearms I got ten to play
Catch a facelift, your grave makeshift, face decay
Surveillance raped with broomsticks, they got tapes today
State of the world address, NY some killers for sport
Home of the shit talk, crack houses, prisons, and chalk
Blows against the system, Pentagon smashed
Windows inside a victim symptoms of the universe observed


Writer(s): R.j. Herrera
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