Testo della canzone Existence (Non Phixion), tratta dall'album The Green CD/DVD

Existence - Non Phixion

Yo yo this life is hard, my mental level is odd
Like devils versus gods, there's a war inside my mind going on
Squads represent these separate emotions
Three quarters of us is made of water, now it's land versus ocean
Soaking, it's like open wrists, had this bitch sucking my dick for poker chips
Deep throating shit then she sucked her own tit
I got bizarre shit, you're just a moving target
Take a style, dissolve it
Like? it made of brown sugar vomit
Fright night of the comets, seven Islamics named Mohammed
Rocking scimitars give the illest scars to the godless
Unworthy ones, my verse is thirty guns
Blasting off north, my rhymes are sawed-off
I'm hip hop, I can't be bought off
I blast a scripture like a fracture blister
Attack the system like when cancer hits a random victim
Splatter liquid like a twisted sponge
I'm like a biscuit, hit your lungs
Twitch your tongues, we putting rhymes in circulation
Like it's drugs inside bloodstreams
I like to visit other countries asking other things
The universe is all ours to explore, that's what my mother thinks
My brother thinks most cats are shady, I think he may be right
But fuck the darkness, I'mma try to focus on the light
I be the true and living ruler of my world
I want world peace so if you got beef stay the fuck away from me, chief
The green leaf is sparked like soldiers stomping through a swamp
Without high boots and radiation suits that's glowing in the dark
It's a tribute to myself, I'm burning kids like they was grilled cheese And every time I open up my mouth I kill MC's
I seen the greatest men destroyed by cowards so I watch my back
Most of these cats so damn whack that they'd be lost without their gat
That's not to say a gat is evil, only people can deceive you
Make you bleed through wounds that never heal and leave your spirit feeble
It's depressing, the truth will set you free so just accept it
You don't even have to like my shit so long as you respect it

Without the positive we can't exist
Without negativity we can't exist
Without the sunshine we can't exist
Without the darkness we can't exist

Hey yo without a little love we can't exist
Without liquor and drugs we can't exist
Without free religions we can't exist
Without the television we can't exist

It's like my views are ancient, crusty like basements
Studying spaceships, anal probes with metal prong testing temperature placement
Teeth of a dragon, face of a lion, children of Zion
Half-breeds who defecate iron burnt to flames
We find robots in the bible insane? intelligence
Sons of the sun with astral resonance
Bigger than rap, I live a life of decadence
Turn mass to energy
Medicineman celebrity conspiracy, Tel Aviv
I put my pyramid, never deliver it without?? more like storms in my breastplate
We militant, we legislate laws with no decency
'98, our brothers use brains and low frequencies
One time for sharp kids, killers who biblical
There's two ghettos, one of them mind, the other physical
To break food we on that hunt for?
Cause race haters and pigs in white sheets running with quakers

Without the inner-self we can't exist
Without oxygen we can't exist
Without a bag of weed we can't exist
Without a little greed we can't exist

Without some real friends we can't exist
Without the dividends we can't exist
Without photosynthesis we can't exist
Without mass transit we can't exist

Prepare for mental combat, I react like twenty gats
And holds some straps, ready for nothing? take me out or hold me back
Then I come back only to walk down mean streets like Perry Thomas
At a seminar where they asked us who practiced the art of conscious
Beware of toxic drinking tap could be a deathtrap
A setback to leave our arms folded and our necks back
Existence leads back to Egyptians and conflictions
War missions, colour-free property, and fake religions
Battle scars and nudie bars,? stars to crash the earth
Leave us jerked and out of work
Forcing all mine to convert to carry weapons for aggression
Ruger M double 7's, crash the heavens like our demo did at Geffen
Now we're prepping barracudas? computer age? influenced
In our brain to re-enact the deep attack that caused the pain
Our social differences, existences, the listeners are businesses
Non Phixion is like ministers, walk the world until it finishes

Without some food stamps we can't exist
Without reproduction we can't exist
Without a clear mind we can't exist
Without a little pride we can't exist

Without a clear mind we can't exist
Without some intellect we can't exist
Without old school we can't exist
Without the real truth we can't exist

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