Testo della canzone 4 W's (Non Phixion), tratta dall'album Gangsta Rap

4 W's - Non Phixion

(Old man talkin)
Why havent you learned anythin? Its all there!
Its all there in toinbe in those books on the shelf
Supression breeds violence
Your gonna raise the curfew an hour?
Whould you look outside! you see that kid?
Last week he just wanted to get laid
Now he wants to kill somebody
Why? why you feel the need to hold me down?
Who? Who the hell is you to think you down?
Where? where you gonna be in two thousand and two?
Take these words home an think them through
Check the scary facts, look at where we at, terrorist
Pronoteriast, known to carry gats, yo we interact
Take it back, fourteen ninty-two
The devil send over the crew
In america the devil grew
To decure the time out, politician be the governments
Foreverance, bar-bar-ian heretence, forever sick
Inject a microchip into my dick
See these riminals in war on trout, pleading the fifth
An a mental slavery continuse, inforius food
It a be their favorite dish on the imperalist menu
We fight to liberate your mind state
But all i see is the f**kin crack, bottle, body count
An the crime rate, notice the life of death cycle
About the wit or wit the rifle
Like malcom x extokin carl michael
Jump on the stainles steel charagan
Anti-american, walking the west bank
Like a desert storm veteran
Chorus(repeat twice)
I wanna be the catalist for every street lyricist
I wanna see this movement like it was in eighty-six
I'd free every son from every crimes he aint commit
I'd want purges on the gilityn with their next spliff
I'd tell the brookly bridge to asouty for an auty
And i'd say, it was pro-por-ty of the kings county
I'd reverse the effects of physical neglect
I'd want holes in front of mirrors askin, wheres my self respect?
I'd want raulph lauren to get down with karl kani
No rode-o drive smack in the middle of south side
I really want the latin quarterback open
A pack of newport for fifty cent an a quarter for a token
Chorus(one time)
Sabac blow to stab a rap chemist, envioromentist
Feel the highlights of life through the roots of john voicance
Consequences, to move shapers in a quarter
Twenty heads just got slaughtered
From the stress of a new yorker, check the laws of orca
To holding tokens how we built it
Life filled with smoke and piss and drinking cho-co-filthy
Four and three sixty for non phixion be the obvious
We never jake, eliminate fake, stay alive in this, survivalist
Overcome reflections of my inner demons
My mind relate to crime like fertile eggs relate to seamans
I close my eyes like I was deciezed, invision peace
That refuel from the sun to east
Chorus(repeat twice)
This rap may shatter your fate or strengthen it
Or you will end a you
My tempaments foul like tenaments
I feel you sensing it
To get a horror deeper than prophecies
Planning you on the rest like jesus on the estapome
Jerusalim sun down on a hill
Three bodies suspended crookedly, they booking me
My backs against the wall with ones they pushin me
Its stated, like rightgeous kings in the line of David
Never mercedes all them others made that got me jated
Facing a agony, victorious, call me mak-a-beez, apocolyptic
Hexing my rivalries through chemistries
Its drama time, sudent size guys rocking econo-line
Sitting on pick and trying to catch gor slippin on punchlines
Chorus(repeat 3 times)

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