Testo della canzone 14 Years of Rap (Non Phixion), tratta dall'album The Green CD/DVD

14 Years of Rap - Non Phixion

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]

Holy shit, they tried to torture me, three officers bleed nauseously
They eating pork and beans and involved in Pagan sorcery
Super vegan, heard your crew is beefing, now goons is creeping
Hebrews blacker than Zulus and guidos rocking wifebeaters
DT's rocking Fubu up in the ninth precinct
Rusty pipes, no-bar types scheming through life cheating
Seen the pig get shot in the face for the right reasons
Final way to civilize a trife heathen
The Ill Bill collector suicide king, my sounds are hard drugs
We God's thug popping off guns, you lost blood
Like you lost your head, talking to me is like having your fortune read
By a fourth-century sorcerer that tortures men
That try to walk the subway platform with gats drawn
Like a postal worker coming home drunk and just lost his job
That's what we dealing with in Roman times
I never liked schools, fucking devils always told me lies
And try to brainwash, but read the value, everybody fucking hates cops
And if you blasted one you gained props
Hyper shit, Roddy Piper shit, tiger type to sniper shit
Be selling my fly shit for five percent, fuck that
I be on top going for delf, twelve thousand units then I sold another twelve
I Shot Reagan was the joint that sparked the tight chaos
Like stray shots that spray cops, break up the séance

[Verse 2]

Eh yo white thugs? watch war minister's spot
Niggas are clocked up cause the undergound explodes hot
Melt the pot, the vandal four angle to stop your free fall
Before you get the sawed-off, welcome to get your tip?
Lyric evangelist, I'll never turn the cheek
I tore it off your face, it ain't sweet, sour to hot piece
Speak to hear your half-ass multiplied by two
Dudes that into anal, do the butt thing onto two fools
Spit it out, you talk shit Q, your rhymes are old too
So you see me split?
Seven to give to high shroom, zoom
As your? your lady flashing sideways
Lusting leading to foreplay
Nasty? passion swimmer
Senator of religious sect? to any bigger
Trigger to mental pistol power, shower your appearance
Clearance to the nearest foul play, who wanna feel this?

[Verse 3: Goretex]

This is camp site, take my advice, this game of life
Holy nights like Hanukkah lights amid your gun fights
Tel Aviv with laser sight, we're too shit
Eh yo we move shit, left-wing cats straight out of goon flicks
So Uncle Howie gave them kids a chase
They had to flee the States
Glenwood projects made? was base
Y'all can't emerge in a safe place
I turn energy into sensory data in high rates
W-H-T, your TV's and CD's
LSD flash, kill my landlord for seven G's
Tangle with my clique, I'll leave you shackled from your dick
Mexican magic next to pay off, you're next to clip
Yo I was bred with a tortured head
Connected with the dead, the Bible heathens were conquered the?
Cancer society awaits us, don't ever trace us
You caught me, sort of like Kiss without the makeup

[Verse 4: Q-Unique]

Incineration of your whole Generation X
Next context sounded similar to top ten
Must stop I a drop panic and see what I'm thinking
Iceberg your brain state got your mind sinking
Open like the fat beats I'm singing
Illiterate, you can't read between the lines
I'm ten times the pen rhymes you write on blue lines
Exaggerated existence of commercial sounds
Like pussy politicians got political prisoners locked down
Knock down and hit you with the impact
Of a penny tossed off the observation deck of a skyscraper
I spy my paper like a board or secret cult
The vital data that can shatter government bodies, rock parties
Like a boulder rolling through a nightclub
One might bug at the fact that fourteen years
Of rap only got me underground dap
I'm past that like I missed my stop on the A-Train
Here's the weight gain from the great brain
Pass the spray paint

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