Testo della canzone Reflection of a Man Freestyle (Necro feat. Ill Bill), tratta dall'album Street Villains, Vol. 2

Reflection of a Man Freestyle - Necro feat. Ill Bill

Yo, its that time of the night
I feel like the veins in my brain are gonna explode like dynamite
Every rhyme is a fight. Making good out of evil,
Holding my self back, so fucking hard not to beat the shit out of people
There's so much water a damn can take before it breaks
So much pain a man can take before he flips out and pulls out a .38
And sprays everything in sight. Fighting with girlfriends,
I hustle like there's one year left before the world ends.
Almost beat down a FedEx guy, next guy
That opens his mouth'll get bludgeoned to death, don't test I
So much responsibility to put you in a hospital physically through stress
Spiritually you'll mess with what doesn't kill me will make me more brutal
I get so much adrenaline pumping through me when people sleep on me
I bring it to you. I started off as a dime dealer,
I come from the same place you do, but I feel I'm realer.
I see through you like binoculars,
Before cop killer I was a thug before being a thug was popular
Before Tupac was a star, before Biggie got far,
I'm talking '90, wasn't Al Capone but I'll fuck you up hard
You faggots won't respect me til I spill red,
I want my respect and I'll take it in blood, like Bill said
From Mom Dukes every day struggling with the rent
If I could lace Mom Dukes with a million, I'd be content
I'm like Master P coming up, Baby Williams,
Damon Dash, Rick Ruben, and Russel Simmons,
Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates,
And Ray Crock all rolled into one, holding a gun.
Obsessed with leaving you verbally killed medically
My label is successful because it's built from intergrity
Cold in the streets, get your wig clapped we jig rats
Don't give a fuck if you let me in I'll bust the door down with big gats
Knock, knock, open up, BLOUW
Fuckin' faggots

I can teach you about shit you know nothing about
Like having your uncle kick heroin on your couch
Like having two major deals and shit didn't work out
And starting your own label without really knowing how
Like catching a case the day before going to trial
The plaintiff shook the judge, ended up throwing it out
To touring the whole world, we be throwing it down
You better respect my fam, we holding it down
Like Necro said I regulate like a soldier no doubt,
I'm imfamous for puching you fuckin' hoes in the mouth.
I'm a loyal dude, true to my word, true to my wealth,
True to my fam, I handle my biz, true to myself
Make moves like Mosad, I'm close to God
Close to the jackpot, though the road is hard
I'd rather take a bullet to the dome then stop
So I'ma keep on going til the world is ours.

Knock, knock, open up, BLOUW!

Writer(s): Necro, Ill Bill
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