Testo della canzone Take It In Blood (Nas), tratta dall'album It Was Written

Take It In Blood - Nas

I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm living like that
I never brag how real I keep it, cause it's the best secret
I rock a vest prestigious, Cuban link flooded Jesus
In a Lex watching Kathie Lee and Regis
My actions are one with the seasons
A Tec squeezing executioner, wintertime I rock a fur
Mega popular center of attraction
Climaxing my bitches, they be laughing
They high from sniffing coke off a twenty-cent Andrew Jackson
City lights spark a New York night
Rossi and Martini sipping, Sergio Tacchini flipping mad pies
Low price, I blow dice and throw them
45 by my scrotum, manifest the Do or Die slogan
My niggas roll in ten M3's
Twenty Gods popping wheelies on Kawasaki's
Hip hop's got me on some ol', spraying shots like a drum roll
Blanking out and never miscount the shells my gun hold
I don't stunt, I regulate
Henny and Sprite, I separate, watching crab niggas marinate
I'm all about tecs and good jooks and sex
Israelite books, holding government names from Ness
MC's are crawling out every hole in the slum
You be aight like blood money in a pimp's cum
I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm living like that
For you wack MC's
Currency has made us trust in the Messiah
I'm spending it to get higher
Earth, Wind and Fire singing reasons why I'm
Up early, trustworthy is a nine that bust early
Sunshine on my grill, I spill Remy on imaginary graves
Put my hat on my waves, latter Day Saints say religious praise
I dolo, challenge any team or solo
You must be bugging out, new to my shit, home on a furlough
Ask around who's laid up, sharp and straight up
Mafioso, getting niggas' wakes sprayed up
Skies are misty, my life's predicted by a gypsy
I'll one day walk into shots drunk off champagne from Sicily
This be the drama, I'mma pause like a comma
In a sentence, paragraph's indented
Bloodshot red eyes high, yellow envelopes of lye
Opening cigars let tobacco fly
Condos are tune-proof, we're looking out the sky's moonroof
Shitting like gin and prune juice
Yo the system wants the coon's noose, hang 'em high
Courtrooms filled up, it's off the while I
Just wrote a statement, like I'm facing twenty years
In the basement, chilling on the VI with Mumia
For wearing chrome, I told the judge snakes slither
Like Sharon Stone but like Capone I'm thrown, yo
Lyrical, ly-lyrical mission, lyrical
Yo the time is wasting, I use the mind elevation
Dime sack lacing, court pen pacing
Individual, lyrical math abrasion
Psychic evaluation, the foulest nation
We living in dangerous lives, mad leak and battered wives
A lifestyle on bad streets is patternized
Wise men build and destroy
While the real McCoy dope fiend named Detroit is still dealing boy
Coke suppliers acting biased
Cause rumors say that nigga's wear wires and we liars
But every night the gat's fired and every day a rat's hired
I still remain the mack flyest in the phat Kani
It's just the killer in me, slash drug dealer MC
Ex-slug filler, semi mug peeler
Demi, bottles of Mo', yo simply follow me flow
Put poetry inside a crack pot and blow
Rough holes for cracked out pussies and buttholes
Bring the G's and the D's roll, they can't touch those
Why shoot the breeze about it when you could be about it
My degrees are routed, toward the peasy haired brick houses
Instead of the fake medallions
Rich niggas transport thousands
Foreign cash exchange amounting to millions
Doors is locked, rocks is chopped, watch the cameras in the ceilings
Trick bitches catching mad feelings
Peeling off in the Lex Jeep, techniques is four-wheeling
I bet it be some shit when we connect with Stretch
When we catch them sex niggas with the tecs you blessed word
So now it's on, never wasted a slug
Time is money when it comes to mine, take it in blood
Yea, Capone-n-Noreaga
Yeah yo offical Queensbridge murderers
Mobb Deep keep it real though
Mothafucking AZ yo
Mega, Mega, whatever
Scarlett O'Hara
Yo Fox Boogie
East New York
Yambo, Brownsville
Wizard, Far Rockaway
Big Jersey
Connecticut, DC, Sudan
So on and so on
Big Ha, Houston Fifth Ward
Black Ed, keep it real Moe

Writer(s): Randy Walker, Nasir Jones, Maurice Smith, Cleveland Horne, Keith Thornton, Trevor Randolph, Cedric Miller, James Epps, Joseph Pruitt, Wallace Childs
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