Testo della canzone No Bad Energy (Nas), tratta dall'album The Lost Tapes 2

No Bad Energy - Nas

I'm oblivious to you skeptics
What you hear you ain't ever hear 'til I repped it
Iridescent heroes essence, please clear the exits
I chase demons outdoors, force 'em to hear the message, air 'em out
Heard some people discussing my whereabouts
Yeah, it's been a few sightings of me, a fair amount
Never seen much, but yet I'm never in the house
Move in style, wild, exciting when I do step out
Y'all been rhyming for years and Jungle made a hit
"Oochie Wally" ideas
Sold a million records
Had 'em embarrassed
Signed to Columbia
Blew a check, he was laughing
While y'all in the studio bragging about your past and
Thinking back on trips on Manhattan
Dad was rolling hotels like the plaza
Black bellhops holding
Rich people bags, tip their hats to old men coming out of cabs
Limousine holding doors for them
We all got a job to do, go for it

No bad energy please, no bad energy
(Just try to be the best you, man, that's all I can say, man)
No bad energy please, no bad energy
(Don't light over here, man, put that away, man, put that away)
No bad energy please, no bad energy
(Tryna tell 'em, know what I'm saying? Big Apple my Hennessy, please)
No bad energy please, no bad energy (On the rocks, yeah)

To rappers who never sold crack, telling other people's lives
Never shot nobody but be shooting people in their rhymes
Never robbed nobody or re-upped with coke in they ride
I'm probably who they talking about
When they're writing most of their lines
And I ain't notice it
Trapping was what was happening with bolder cliques
Around me I'm surrounded by the most devoted clique
We saw the smokers get rowdy for all the potentness
And still ain't know how sick it was in that ocean abyss
What doesn't come out in the wash comes out in the rinse
You suckers ain't had no say so
Whoever put you in the position to
Have a say so should be questioned theyself
I'm silk shirt, summer time sunny, sun chaser
Pretty girl tongue taster, southern girl luster
City girl love maker
The matinee watcher
The good weather on a Saturday afternoon shopper
Good gift copper
Still miss Big Poppa

No bad energy please, no bad energy
No bad energy please, no bad energy
No bad energy please, no bad energy
No bad energy please, no bad energy

Writer(s): Nasir Jones, Abraham Orellana, Kasseem Daoud Dean
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