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Testo della canzone Lost Freestyle (Nas), tratta dall'album The Lost Tapes 2

Lost Freestyle - Nas

In our younger days we were so in love
And the thought of losing you was enough
Can't lose me

Who be the holy prophet, they watchin' with all his posture?
His Rothstein goggle game be the dopest, he gots to
Be from the '80s era
His tint is shade Carrera, Queens forever
Green pipe seats, clean Panamera
Amateur Hanna-Barbera characters know they envy
The illest Hennessy Black sipper with loaded semis
You pick of the week, voted-in rappers you go against me
You can't tantalize a call girl with just a roll of pennies
Can't bait a lion in ya trap without a tranquilizer
You enterin' a boxing ring with no trainer beside ya
My Panerai watch glows like Avatar
Caviar black diamonds, can you imagine, y'all?
Takin' from a rich man plate, kick in his door
'Cause his war with the bloodsuckers of the poor
The first shall be last, that's just universal law
Pop the cork, the Perrier-Jouët pours, like this

I tell a story of a prince life and all his glory
It's killin' me softly
Somber like the buildings at Fort Green
Hood monsters and niggas who walk mean
Hood niggas and they just came home and they grip they chrome
Can you hear me, is this thing on?
Test, one, two, gimme some feedback if y'all could feel it
For the home invasion dudes that be robbin' dealers
Picture me runnin' inside they crib, rollin' wit' ya
Mask on the face, tyin' up the sister
Lookin' for the bricks to get richer
Smackin' up the dude with the gun, take the jewels and the funds
A dirty game when you servin' 'caine
Got feds to watch, hoes to watch, checkpoints and roadblocks
Police barricades, batterrams
Doors off the hinges, wake up flinchin', who ratted, man?
Knew who it had to been, states, feds and housin' added in
Every department searchin' your apartment
Ransackin' it, found four ratchets
DEA jack us, we gotta escape the madness
Haha, yeah, escape the madness
Yeah, through the eyes of Pablo
That's how I'm lookin' at you, as an obstacle and everything
It's all natural, I'm keepin' it pilin'
Keepin' heat with the silencers
Learnin' Greek and Italian, speak with kings while dinin'
Good with hyenas, meanin' it's hood when it's time for ridin'
Ties was suppliers for my days of the projects
Where I resided, a phenomenon
With the ambitions of a rider
Pretty amazon on my arm, nigga, I'm the flyest
The flyest, haha, yeah

Lemme hit that

Writer(s): Premro Smith, Marlon Goodwin, Tristian Jones
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