Testo della canzone Bonjour (Nas feat. Tony Williams), tratta dall'album NASIR

Bonjour - Nas feat. Tony Williams

I should be more mature, sure, I'm spoiled
Hit up the south of France after tour, bonjour
How many girls pre-bate right before they date
So she can have restraint?
She still get slayed
That's ill behavior
Want the whip matted
Want her ass the fattest
Beat it... Thriller jacket
A street metaphor, if your dog piss on the floor
Put his nose in it, check these niggas from the door

Oui-oui amour
Plenty of kisses
Plein de bisous
Good day and best wishes
Comment allez-vous.

Eat at selective kitchens
Speak on our next intentions
Over-creamy Polenta
It comes chef recommended
Come through the side entrance
I arrived, bitches
Crackheads still owe me from '89 fixes
Having drinks in Vegas
My business
She didn't see me comin'
Now she's an eyewitness
Laissez les bon temps rouler
Say ahh so the kids can play

Oui-oui amour
Plenty of kisses
Plein de bisous
Good day and best wishes
Comment allez-vous.

Vacation, twisted
Whatever happened, missed it
Vacations I didn't like
Put myself through a guilt trip
All these beautiful places
But the cities be poor
You wealthy when your kid's upbringing better than yours
All this money we getting could be gone in a minute
If we don't invest it
We long-term affected
Watch who you getting pregnant
That's long-term stressing
I got a mil for every bump on your face
That's what I call a blessing

My head looks straight up
And I'm wondering, "What did I do?"
She looked at me like, "Damn, did I surprise you?"
Sure enough as the sky's blue
She turned back around
And walked down the avenue
She's waiting for the right cue
I'm waiting for the right clue

(Oooh oooh la la, oui-oui amour)
She be leaving, still I smell of eau de parfum
She can't run cause I got Cinderella's right shoe
In that white gown that I be seeing right through
Crown obscuring my view
There's nothing left to argue
At least there's not from my view

Writer(s): Mike Dean, Nasir Jones, Kanye Omari West, Antony Von Williams, Rahual Dev Burman, Che J Pope
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