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Testo della canzone Til The War Is Won (feat. Lil Durk) (Nas feat. Lil Durk), tratta dall'album King's Disease

Til The War Is Won (feat. Lil Durk) - Nas feat. Lil Durk

You know I love you different, my queen, my mother, sister
Protect you with my life, let's desconstruct the myth, uh
You just depressed a bit, and only good for sexin' with you
Let's dismantle that, it's a man you lack
You don't need us, you could handle that
Let's see where the black family at

We need each other, with bad tempers, we defeat each other
Single mothers, my heart's bleeding for you
These coward men, that were beating on you (never me)
Let's silence them, with a silencer
For the violence of relationships
Hold your head up, don't take that shit, run away from it

I shoulda ran away myself, the amount of pain I was dealt
And I'm a man, my job is to help
Single parent home, came up, now the man is grown
Mom's gone, pop's here, wish God reversed the roles
(Sometimes) If I could've chose, subsidized housin'
Sometimes witnessin' the most foulest things would arouse us
We became numb like pure 'caine on the tongue
To the pains from economical strains

Diabolical games put on our future kings
And our future queens, y'all the strongest ones (yeah)
May God gives strength to women who lost their sons
I give all I have 'til the war is won (ooh, woah, oh-oh)
We're nothing without our women
I give all I have 'til the war is won (yeah)
I give all I have

2020 flows, everything getting exposed ('xposed)
Who really the bros? (Bros) Who really is goals? (Goals)
Who ready to let it go, all the grudges we hold
It's too many fallen soldiers NY to the 'Go (Chi-Town)
Late night outside, you hear the 40 drum (baow)
In every ghetto and all the slums (for real)
These laws made to slaughter us (damn)
I give all I have 'til the war is won

I was servin' out my mama crib
She ain't know about it (she ain't know about it)
Complaining about my rent, but I know my mama got me (my mama got me)
She told me to be a man
And never sleep through problems (sleep through problems)
University of the streets, I ain't plan on going to college (oh, yeah)

Why you crying 'bout low income and welfare?
You ain't the only one going through it, this everywhere
Better hold your head, I know it don't feel fair
Reason my people dead and they know I still care
Depending on the people, then you gotta do better
Black lives matter, I'm for real, it do matter (for real, it do matter)
Black on black crime, they still do it to whoever (whoever)
Talking to the trenches, we just gotta do better (do better)

He think he Martin Luther
But he tryna be a shooter (tryna be a shooter)
Got his car took, he ride with guns in the Uber (in the Uber)
I'm talking where we from
We carry MACs, but no computers (no computers)
He got out yesterday, but he went in when he was juvie (Chi-Town)

Diabolical games put on our future kings
And our future queens, y'all the strongest ones (yeah)
May God gives strength to women who lost their sons
I give all I have 'til the war is won

She do the best to raise her young
Ooh, she independent and she don't depend on no one
We're nothing without our women
Ooh, she independent, went from a girl to a woman
One love to the single mothers
(Ooh, oh, yeah, yeah)

I give all I have 'til the war is won
'Til the war is won, we gotta stick together
Women, stop chasing your man away
Men, stop acting crazy, chasing your woman away
We all we have 'til the war is won, yeah

Writer(s): Nasir Jones, Chauncey Alexander Hollis, Nicholas Britell, Durk Banks
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