Testo della canzone Stay Flawless (N.O.R.E. feat. DMX, Ja Rule & Yummy Bingham), tratta dall'album Walk With Me Now: The Prequel

Stay Flawless - N.O.R.E. feat. DMX, Ja Rule & Yummy Bingham

Y Bingham)

Yeah yeah

Motherfucking right!

Where you at?

I'm right here dog!

Where you at? Where you at?

I'm right here dog!

Where you at? Where you at?

I'm right here dog!

Where you at? Where you at?

I'm right here dog! C'mon!

I gotta be a gangsta like that's what's up
It's so harder, like what's in my cup
We get flawless like a million bucks
Stay flawless, flawless, my ladies saying
Wooooaaahhh Wooooaaahhhh

Yo, yo, yo
Court cases, why the hell I'm still dumbing out?
This is years later, I should've learned lessons
Got bifocals, start seeing better
Flows like my automatic machine gun in rainy weather
I'm a whole new man, a new artist
The Roc broke up, I threw my chain in the garbage
I was disappointed, it was my fault, I thought stupid
Fast forward, all alone still think stupid
We could Ford or truck it or just Coupe it
Rims off of Eazy-E, shit straight ruthless
Tuck this Medusa with a bottom jaw toothless
Bubba cush philly smoke, sour D slinging smoke
Kick you in the face like I know judo
Get up in that ass homes, that's no Bruno
Six steps forward, back three spaces
Entourage thicker than fish & tasties
Feels good but it's faceless like head with braces
From the tunnel to palladium, y'all shouldn't play with him
Got enough dudes to fill up Shea Stadium
Or Citi Field, I swear I really will
Shots fire and you ain't no apprentice
Smack your mouth numb and I ain't know dentist

Yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, uh
Nigga stay out my way like you owe me something
But if what I'm saying is wrong, nigga show me something
Cause I been knew bout the time I ran up in you
How's it going down nigga, clown nigga, as I continue
Put it on that ass like ain't no tomorrow
And the nightmares'll get you if you live passed the horror
Last nigga that did it just stepped cause he scared to death
Cause he knew it was the grace of God that scared his breath
Turn live niggas into corpses with the forces
Handing out losses and of course it's
This over, they saying it's X on the flizex
Who's nizext trying they luck with the big X
Jump off the back of the truck and you'll get stuck
With knives, bitches niggas can't fuck with mine
Seeing them on the grind with dog, nigga what
Bloodline baby, fucking shit up

I hear whispers of murderers there, shit the Rule got witty
It's now I'm barely living with that, I beg to differ
Two door whipper, no roof quiff-er
Bleed that heffer, bleed that nigga
Yeah I'm definately Hefner
Three bitch in her, I want no lesser
Let's run it back like one time like Hessner
Niggas gon make me KRS ya
De de de da di de de de da di day
I spit it like earlier, recently
Dogs are reckless now, what now?
These niggas going to hide like dicks that ain't circumsized
Better recognize, my nigga N-O is still on the run
Nigga just eating a little better now
And I consider you the best now
There's no pause, running that shit, get off my dick!
I'm back!
Ha ha!

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