Testo della canzone Hard On Yourself (Mr. Probz), tratta dall'album The Treatment

Hard On Yourself - Mr. Probz

You try to do your best but never seem to get far
No gas in the car, looking for a buck in a jar
Your Ex girl's on the phone saying life is hard
And that bitch left you with no money on your cards
You're lying to yourself with no pause
How it's all part of your plan and written in the stars
In the real world you're sugarcoating your flaws
You've just lost your job and you shitted on your boss
And the rent is due but nobody wants to hear what you've been through
You're blaming everyone and how they did you
Everybody is looking at you in their rear view
It's like you're doing everything that you should not do
Why are you looking in the mirror when it's not you
Standing on the corner until the block cools
With something tucked in your belt
Why you make hard on yourself
Don't make it hard on yourself bro

Years gone by
Got something on your mind
No matter how hard you try, you try
Why you make it hard on yourself It's like your glass is always half empty
But keep picturing yourself driving in that Bentley
Now picture yourself on the opposite of rich
And that's exactly what you get it if you don't step it up, quick
You never think about tomorrow
Your stress is getting worse with every penny you've borrowed
You might as well start packing up while you're staring at your mailbox
Bills stacking by the truckload
Trying to fool the whole world but your momma knows
She already knows how that song goes
Your pops was a rolling stone
The apple never fell far from home
And no body's picking up their phone
They don't wanna hear the same old shit in the same sorry ass tone
In the meantime tell them that you don't need no help
Listen, why you make it hard on yourself
Don't make it hard on yourself bro

Years gone by
Got something on your mind
No matter how hard you try, you try
Why you make it hard on yourself

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