Testo della canzone Hurdles (feat. Kameron Corvet) (Mr Probz feat. Kameron Corvet), tratta dall'album The Treatment

Hurdles (feat. Kameron Corvet) - Mr Probz feat. Kameron Corvet

It's such a cold world, ain't it?
When every dream you have is starting to look tainted
Moms ain't around, she struggles to keep the light on
Them second hand clothes to try on
Toes sticking out the front of your shoes
And all your friends keep laughing all the time but not you
It seems like a thousand years
Must have cried like a thousand tears, but now I'm here
And God knew where to put me
Shit was not sweet, no milk and no cookies
Schools said he ain't worth the trouble
So I made a few plans and sold a couple grams
Lost a lot of close people on the way
Memories were celebrated the same day
That's how it goes
I'm in the mud trying to find a rose
So I'm gonna keep

I keep jumping over hurdles, hurdles
I just keep jumping over hurdles, hurdles
Endlessly, I'm just so determined
I won't let go, I keep jumping over hurdles
Make it eventually

I never thought I'd see this
Had them cuff prints embedded in both of my damn wrists
Came from the bottom like I never stood a chance
Went from hugging the block to hearing the crowds chant
And now they talking about the old me and miss him
How we could have made it together but they would never listen
I kept swimming upstream
With a pocket full of nickels and a fist full of dreams
See the clouds go away, my days get sunny
They might have took a shot but they ain't take shit from me
Standing on my own two, roaming with the wrong crew
Showed how to move when that paper turned funny
But it's all love, I know I'm right where I need to be
And dedicate this to those who never believed in me
Yeah, to those who never believed

I keep jumping over hurdles, hurdles
I just keep jumping over hurdles, hurdles
Endlessly I'm just so determined
I won't let go I keep jumping over hurdles
Make it eventually

Ups and downs
I'm gonna keep on jumping until I can't touch the ground
I know it's hard but I made it so far, I've made it so far
And I don't know, no
Where I'm gonna go, I keep

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