Testo della canzone If I Had My Way (Millie Jackson/Isaac Hayes, Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes), tratta dall'album Royal Rappin's

If I Had My Way - Millie Jackson/Isaac Hayes, Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes

Millie, I've been checking you all night
You know you've made several trips to the door but you always find an excuse to come back
You really don't wanna go and I think I know why
I know you've been in love and been let down
You think the the same thing happens everytime around
But can turn it all and make it pay
If I had my way
You're so afraid, coz the hurt within you cries
And love is just another word for pain and lies
But I could reach right out and just hold you, if I had my way
If you let me have my way then I can show you
So just stay (stay)
Stay here with me tonight and feel what the feeling's like
Love (love)
Over and over again
Let me take you where you've never been
As I'm holding you, I can see it in your eyes
Girl, you've never had your secrets satisfied
But it could be the way as I told you
Just let me have my way
If you let me have my way then I can show you
Come on and stay (stay)
Stay here with me tonight and feel what the feeling's like
We'll make love (love)
Over and over and over again
Let me take you where you've never been
So baby won't you stay (stay)
Let me, let me, let me love you
Come on over and stay (stay)
Don't leave, you just can't leave, you gotta stay (stay)
If you stay, we can lay to the break of day
So... (won't you stay)
See I've been watching you and I know what's on your mind (stay)
I'm not tryna take advantage of you
I'm here for you to take advantage of me
So it's a fair exchange, you know robbery (won't you stay)
You got what I need, and I think I got what you need, so... (stay)
We got to get together
If we don't and the sun comes up tomorrow we might both be great (won't you stay)
So don't try play so hard, everybody's got a weakness
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours (stay)
Mine is my head, I like for it to be(won't you stay) stroked and stroked
So now you come along (stay)
Tell me yours
Millie: no I
Isaac: come on, what is it
Millie: you see, you famous for your head, I mean your shiny head and I don't wanna be just another hand stroking your head
And like all men, you'll be able to take advantage of the situation
Issac: well that's OK too, you can take advantage of me (she don't know...)
Millie: I don't wanna take advantage of you (...so can she be sure)
Isaac: yes you do
Millie: no I don't
Isaac: I know you do, I can see the advantage in you right now
Millie: there's a whole lot of things I can do to you but taking advantage wouldn't be one of them
Isaac: OK let's forget about the advantage thing, let's talk about these things you can do to me
Millie: no
Isaac: what about them
Millie: i don't know, I shouldn't let you know about these things
Isaac: but I wanna know
Millie: see, you're a world wide man, you've been all around the country, all over other countries, getting all different kinds of lovin and you might have too much experience, you make it too good to me and I'd wake up in the middle of the night one morning and something like that, thinking about you and all hell just might break loose, I don't know
Isaac: well if it breaks loose I'll be there and speaking of being all around the world, you've been all around the world too so I be taking a chance, even exposing my feelings to you
Millie: well I must admit one thing
Isaac: what's that?
Millie: a man of your caliber, do deserve to have something as good as this
Isaac :(laughs) that's why I want it
Millie: you deserve no less than the best, you know what I mean
Isaac: yeah I know what you mean
Millie: but I don't know, you see, men have always tried to have their way
But this you can't believe a word they say, yes it's true the times before love has let me down, can I depend on you, to turn this fate around?
What I'm trying to say is, is will you make it better if you had your way?
I've always tried to do what's right, but my sense of reasoning seems a little bit off tonight, I've... my time to do wrong. will you be around later on?
What I'm trying to say is, is will you make it better if you have your way?
I wanna stay (stay)
Here with you tonight
I wanna feel, what the feeling's like
And love (love)
Over and over again
Come and take me where I've never been
Oh baby, Whuu
I wanna stay (stay)
Tell me it's OK, I wanna stay
Isaac: sure
Millie: tell me it's OK love
I wanna stay baby and love all night
I wanna stay baby till the early morning light
I wanna stay, stay, stay, stay, stay baby
Uh Huh
Tell me it's OK love
If I stay, we gonna love all night
Tell me baby it's gonna be alright
Alright baby, alright, alright, alright, all night
Stay, Uh Huh

Writer(s): M. Jackson, E. Setser, T. Seals
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