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Testo della canzone Maaad Crew - Album Version (Edited) (Method Man & Redman), tratta dall'album Blackout!

Maaad Crew - Album Version (Edited) - Method Man & Redman

Yo yo yo yo
We "Push Weight" with Ice Cube's in a cup
(AmeriKKKa's) Most Wanted
Police pin it up
(Alaza an a)
Thug passion brotha what
Bloatin gettin a girl preganant
Off a finger aaaaahhhhh
Doc da code name
Murgin proclaims off the lot
(We can die)
Yeah i'm takin full blame
I'm hard headed cat fitted for rythmes
I touch up your shapper when Doc spit on the?
What it is my brotha
(Gonna live my brotha)
How you live my brotha
(Real civilized brotha)
I'm not fryed Jaul when i walk the streets
I rock wit da 4 cds (not a force ehcos...)

(Method Man)

Chin checks in effect
Catch red
(Put him in a yokes snap his neck)
Mr. M.E.F
(The bigheads is at it again)
Bone shattering, beat battering me
Scattering like roaches
Blessin with the over dosage of black black
(Say goodbye you got no class)
Ship sinkin fast
(Bon Voyage)
Cya at the bottom when i spot um
Grab him by the throat and say aaahuuumm i got um

Wassup my brotha?
Aiyyo wassup my brotha?
Aiyyo wassup my sis?
Aiyyo wassup now sis?
I got whacha need
And you got what i need
Got da mad Maaad Crew up in da house

Yo wassup my brotha?
Wassup my brotha?
Aiyyo wassup now sis?
What up now sis?
You got what i need
I got what you need
Got da mad Maaad Crew up in da house


Yo Yo doggs its my Fort Doc
Shot wit vaults until death news can talk
Cripple kids can walk
My style will show guns what it is to spark
Hit a clear the park 20 miles apart
Doc is like bad weather reports but i'll walk
If your not from the tri-boro, story settled
I pack gordy metal for those who act fool
Big fish in da water and we hard to harpoon
I'm like open wounds pourin iodine
Messin wit us is like saving "Private Ryan"
You acting out a line now you lying, dying
Wash my evil hands in the fire hydrant
Yeah Girl! My kahuna's hooked up in da harnass
Flying through hard knock life is still torn
My ropes poped in Chicago i hit the floor then
Got up and woke up wit a burn in the morning

(Method Man)

Aiyyo we mo phat then down south trash
And you know dat
With fomat blow the welcome of our door mat.
Toes tapped
Now the helified sound
Why your town off the road map
Baby mess around
I propose that, you go and get your crew and get the bozac too
Def squad Wu
Or just slave to the rivrim
Clinton is the prez i still voted for cherly chism
Poison is venom my philosophy is busyism
The most beautiful is?
Minutes as usawal, play your corner
Swingin the ghetto pharmasuiticals the Methadonna
Or the old Flinstone chewables and mary mary mary
So dont ever say i didnt warn ya
And i dont wanna be the one to stick the doggs on ya
I'm still ghetto, i rhyme ghetto, my peoples ghetto
Pants and saggy teeth yellow
Now thats what i call grimy
A million crazy kids behind me
Killa hills 10304 is where you'll find me
If your lookin baby i'm right here!
Cmon down!

Wassup my brotha?
Wassup my brotha?
Aiyyo wassup now sis?
Wassup now sis?
Aiyyo you got what i need
I got whatcha need
Got da mad Maaad Crew up in da house

Aiyyo wassup my brotha?
Aiyyo wassup my brotha?
Wassup now sis?
Aiyyo wassup now sis?
I got whacha need
Aiyyo you got what i need
Got da mad Maaad Crew up in da house

Yo Crew up in da house

Yo Yo Crew up in da house

We got Crew up in da house

We got da mad Maaad Crew up in da house


Where all my peoples at that love hip hop?
Make some noise!
I'll cya'll
I'll cya'll
Throw your ones up in the air like this so everybody can see um
And when i say hip hop... ya'll say one love!
Hip hop!
One love!
Hip hop
One love!
Hip hop!
One love!

Writer(s): Clifford Smith, Erick S. Sermon, Reggie Noble
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