Testo della canzone Party Goin' On (MC Lyte), tratta dall'album Seven & Seven

Party Goin' On - MC Lyte

Intro (Inaya)
Mmmm, mmmm
Oh oh, oh oh
Mmmm yeah, oh yeah
Mmmm, oh oh

Chorus (Inaya Day)
There's a party goin' on in my hotel room
And you're invited, all you got to do is show up x2

(Verse 1)
Now we done left the venue 'coz the show was done
Before we hit the hotel, make a quick run
To get the Martel to add to the fun, meet me at suite room 151
BYOB, we about to kick it off
Remember that party last year in the loft?
This'll be better 'coz we bigger now
Got mo' figures now, fit in mo' niggas now
I got about 30 of the finest
Ready to get flirty and down right do-dirty
We got twister the dots mean a lot
When you flip the dial end up with a face in your twot
Stop yappin' at the DJ, that ain't right
'Coz tonight this here DJ, he gon' save my life... (woah, woah)


(Verse 2)
Now the people are comin', and the party is jumpin'...
... and T is on the beat box
And after this song he'll rock the locks
Hotel security ain't troublin' us none
They partyin' with us, no badge and no gun
Grown folks in the livin' room showin' out
And they ain't leavin' till we kick 'em all out
Strip poker, truth or dare
I swear it's about to get sticky up in here
Back back and forth and forth
>From New York to L.A and back to New York
Of course while I'm in town it's gotta be nice
On the North-East corner they're flippin' the dice
Now the bubbly's poppin' all over the suite
Swig on this and kick up your feet
Ain't no party like an MC Lyte party 'coz an MC Lyte party don't stop, pops
And this here's better than when the ball drops


(Verse 3)
Now here's the E-low, Jackie and Mark
Done hit the back room to jump start the sparks
It's gettin' all hot, now they pumpin' Beenie Man
Scream for the cream, but holler when you see me man
You know like I know, the party don't end till I say when
Now the grub is runnin' out better get it while you can
Pick is gettin' low better find you a man
Slow jam hit and you sittin' all alone
Ain't nobody gonna take you're borin' ass home
It wouldn't be fair for me to not tell you
I'm the hostess of the year, keep it in the clear
Yo, the party's over here, nope, the party's right here
Be careful not to wear and tear the derrier
Now ain't that supmthin', humpin' and a bumpin'
My motto is never let 'em see you comin'
A party like this can't be compared
That's why it only goes down once a year...
... and we in here, yeah yeah yeah.

(Chorus) x2

(Inaya Day)
There's a party goin' on in my hotel room
You know you gotta do, what you gotta do
What you gotta do, what you gotta do...
Show up baby, show up baby...

Writer(s): Writer Unknown, Moorer Lana Michele, Panic Peter
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